Friday, October 14, 2011

UFL turns down Cebu Queen City protest

THE technical committee of the UFL Cup has turned down Cebu Queen City United's protest against Pachanga about their game that didn't push through last Sunday in the opening of the Cup.

Queen City, which is flying to Manila for their weekly games, asked the UFL to declare Pachanga as having forfeited its match since it failed to show up for the rescheduled game at 3 p.m. in Alabang.

Heavy rains in Manila last Sunday rendered the University of Makati field unplayable, leading to the cancellation of all matches, but Cebu Queen City requested the UFL for its match to push through at another venue owing to its expenses in flying to Manila.

Cebu Queen City was in the alternate venue but Pachanga failed to show up and the team manager said he could no longer contact his players.

In their decision, which was furnished to the media, Cyril Dofitas, the head of the technical committee said, "The undersigned decided to cancel all scheduled matches at the University of Makati and instructed Ritchie Gannaban, Asst. Technical Director to inform via SMS all teams concerned that matches have been officially postponed at the University of Makati. As such, it was moot and academic that matches were cancelled for the day.For and in consideration of the situation of Cebu, the UFL, through its best efforts, tried to arrange a match between Cebu Queen City United FC and Pachanga FC at an alternate venue on the same day. However, with several factors coming into play, the undersigned finally decided not to push through with the match."

The UFL also said it considered Cebu's protest as a mere complaint as no match was played and that in the rulebook of the UFL, a protest is considered "objections of any kind to occurrences that have a direct effect on matches organized in and played during the course of the program."

The UFL also said it will return the P2,500 fee Queen City paid for its "protest" and that it will try to arrange the Pachanga vs. Cebu Queen City match in Cebu, owing to the "resources wasted on their trip to Manila."

P.S. On a personal note? I hope to see Pachanga vs. Queen City in Cebu, surely the Aboitiz Sports Field, or the Don Bosco Boys Home field, the best-kept secret in football according to some coaches, can host it.


Anonymous said...

Should have been a forfeiture. If it was the other way around Queen City would have been considered as having forfeited their game. I know how these northern assholes think.

Anonymous said...

Post the venue and date of the match..Tan-aw ko ana..

Anonymous said...

Mao diin diay ng uban Cebu Queen City raman ni tunga sa reschedule game, nag lag lag sila,dili duwa ilang gi adto laag diay, pero ok ra kay sa cebu ang game. ders no place like home.