Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Full text of Cebu Queen City's protest

 This is the full unedited text of Queen City United's protest against Pachanga in the UFL Cup.



This is in connection with our scheduled game yesterday, October 9 against Pachanga-FC.

To recall, we received the text message of Mr. Richard Gannaban, Technical Director, at around 8 a.m. Informing us of the POSTPONEMENT of all scheduled games at University of Makati (UMAK) due to unfavorable weather conditions and unplayable field.   We were further instructed to wait for further updates as they were also looking for an alternative venue for the scheduled games for that day.  In response, we immediately appealed to the Committee requesting that our game will push thru for that day considering the substantial logistical costs in sending our team in Manila from our hometown of Cebu. 

IN reply to our appeal, the Committee decided to RE-SCHEDULE our game to to be held in another venue at the Alabang Country Club and we  were also informed that Pachanga-FC was also informed of the rescheduling and were even offered a choice to set the game at 1 pm, 2 pm or 3 pm since we were ready to play at either of those given times.  We were further informed that Pachanga-FC earlier has informed Mr. Gannaban that they could not push thru with the game since their players are no longer around.  We reacted that this was not an acceptable excuse considering that like our team, their players were already in Manila and that Pachanga-FC contingent came in days before the tournament and even had a friendly match with Kaya.  IN addtion, they also were able to show up during the parade and our scout confirmed the fact that their equipment were already at UMAK.  Hence, we respectfully submit that their simple excuse that their players were no longer around should not be taken seriously as we believe that this is flimsy. 

More importantly, we wish to emphasize also that the earlier announcement was only a POSTPONEMENT and not a CANCELLATION of the game which, needless to say, are two different things.    What Pachanga-FC should have done was to wait for further instructions as the announcement was only a POSTPONEMENT which could mean that the game may be rescheduled to another time or transferred to another venue, which was what exactly happened on that day.   

Our position was apparently accepted considering that the game was rescheduled to 3 pm to be held at the Alabang Country Club wherein Pachanga-FC failed to appear.

However, instead of formally declaring Pachanga-FC to have forfeited the game or have them declared in default for not appearing as rescheduled, Mr. Gannaban offered to us a proposed alternative schedule for our next game against Global to be held in Cebu instead of Manila so that we can balance off our logistical costs for the supposed game against Pachanga-FC.  We graciously did not accept the said proposal as we prefer that the UFL stick by the established rules of the game and follow the set schedules considering also that we have already booked and made necessary arrangements for the succeeding games.  Mr. Gannaban then informed us that he will have to refer our concerns to the Executive Committee since he cannot decide the submitted issues on his level.

Consequently, we signified our intention to formally protest the failure of Pachanga-FC to appear in our scheduled match on October 9, 2011 and we submitted an initial letter protest with the P 2,500.00 protest bond as required.  We informed Mr. Gannaban that we will formally submit the details of our protest in a separate letter for the consideration of the Executive Committee, hence, this letter.

IN closing, we reiterate our continuing protest to the scheduled match yesterday against Pachanga-FC.  Per UFL Rules, their non appearance should be properly meted the sanction of Default or Forfeiture of the game.  We believe that the UFL should pursue the Rules to the letter as their default or forfeiture would be most appropriate sanction the league could impose upon a team which did not even had the courtesy to follow official instructions or at the very least provide a justifiable excuse or reason for failing to do so.   By doing so, we are of the expectation that this undesirable situation will not happen again where a fellow participating team could unilaterally cancel a match at its own volition and at the expense of an opposing team such as our Club which has incurred substantial costs and preparation for the event to the detriment of the players and staff and their ever supportive families as well as the media, sponsors and the Cebuano football community in Cebu who have been fervently following the football matches of our team at the UFL.

For your perusal and proper action.

For the Club:


Pericles P. Dakay
Team Manager

Raffy Musni
Team coordinator

Glenn Quisido
Club president


jonny said...

i dont understand , dont they want to play football . Why start UFL with a protest ?

Mike said...

The team is willing to play, that's why they waited until 3 p.m. for Pachanga.

They're still willing to play, that's why they will fly to Manila for the Global game.

Why start the UFL with a protest? I don't know but perhaps because the game could have been played?

jonny said...

Yes, but they dont want to play the match later , they want to get a 3-0 win without playing against Pachanga.
No surprise that the matches were postponed , they should know that Kaya vs Schwarz to be played the evening before at UMAK was cancelled because of unplayable pitch.
UFL should pay the expenses for them to play later.

Anonymous said...

Why the exception? Pachanga didn't play so it's a forfeiture. End of story. If Queen City had to travel all the way from Cebu and arrive at the designated then Pachanga had no legitimate excuse.