Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fair Play: Global FC needs some fine-tuning

FRET not, Global FC fans, your team isn’t out of the hunt for the UFL Cup yet—not by a mile.

Pointing out the scenarios would probably take me more than the allotted space for today’s column but let’s just say that Global still has a chance to make it as the top two teams in the Group of Death, or one of the top two third-place teams in all seven groups.

But, one thing though, if Global FC does make the KO stage, I hope the team gets to improve on the offensive end, a lot.

In their two losses to the Stallions and Pachanga, the team threw the kitchen sink and everything else but only got four goals—six if you count the two discounted for offside—two against each team.

And, in both games, Global dominated possession.

So why can’t a Global attack that has Misagh Bahadoran, Izzo El-Habbib, Angel Aldegeur, William Guerido and Janrick Soriano among others fail to convert their chances?

I’m no coach and I’m certainly not qualified to manage a pewee team but I think that’s one of the factors Global FC, which will have a short training camp in Tacloban, should be checking if they get to the knockout stage.

And besides, if they do make the knockout stage, at four points, Global may meet the Nomads, Kaya, Philippine Army, teams that won all three matches, or even the Philippine Air Force or Loyola, who are undefeated in two games and have a game at hand against minnows.

And advancing further in the KO stage is what Global fans like Andi Sia and Ria de Leon—who never fail to profess their love for each other and Global every other tweet—want to see.

DBC MEANS BUSINESS.  Don Bosco, which just won its third straight high school crown for this year in the Cebu City Olympics, will test the international competition for the first time in the Singa Cup.

And that’s a significant development because it’s the first time that I can recall that a Cebu team will be playing on international soil and there’s no better team to represent Cebu football than Don Bosco.

This team has won everything there is to be won in Cebu and, I once thought that DBC should start joining tournaments in Manila—Rifa Cup, Alaska Cup—to test new competition.

The two tournaments attract Cebu teams who figure prominently and I sometimes wonder if DBC could fare as well or even better.

But I guess DBC has something better in mind—a tournament in Singapore.

And I do hope DBC will pull off a huge surprise on the Singa Cup field.


Anonymous said...

The 2007, 2008 and 2009 Cebu City Olympics High School crown were won consecutively by Paref-Springdale School for 3 straight years. The 2010 and 2011 CebuCity Olympics High School crown were won by Don Bosco for 2 straight years.

Anonymous said...

Which of the two schools are better at national tournaments?

Anonymous said...

Nah. Which of the two schools are better at football?

Anonymous said...

The first post is a correction to the article since its not Don Bosco's 3rd straight high school crown but rather DB's second straight.

Mike said...

I should have been more clearer, what I meant was Don Bosco won its third straight high school crown this year in the City Olympics. Milo, Cesafi, City Olympics

Anonymous said...

any of the school will do. anyway they will represent cebu and our country... GOOD LUCK!