Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fair Play: Be part of history, watch Cebu on AKTV

(This is my Fair Play column for Sun.Star Cebu on Oct. 20)
JUDGING from the reactions of most of the football fans I’ve met the past few days, Cebu’s game against the Stallions this Saturday, which will be aired live on Aksyon TV, is the second-most anticipated UFL Cup match by Cebuano fans.

It’s the second game of Cebu Queen City United in the group stage of the UFL Cup, and the Stallions’ final game. And, for the first time, a football match featuring a Cebu team will be aired live on national TV.

Now, isn’t that sweet?

I remember back in high school, I saw a telecast over the government channel—PTV 4—featuring two local teams in the now defunct P-League.   Everything that I remember about that time was unpleasant—the coverage, commentators, even the field, which I honestly though seemed painted by a couple of drunk guys because there were more than a few non-Fifa regulation lines.

This time, it’s different.

Everything about the UFL is different.

And of course, everything about Cebu Queen City United is different—from the players, management, coaches.  These guys know what they are, the pioneering semi-pro team in Cebu.

Seryoso kaayo sila, kabalo sila unsa ni,” was how one of the players described his teammates during a brief talk in the visit of Chieffy Caligdong, Ian Araneta, Roel Gener and Eduard Sacapano at the Azkals Bar the other night.

Everyone had a drink , except for the player, who begged off from drinking because of practice the next day.

The guy said the support from the club is nothing short of amazing as the club purchased the latest Mizuno spikes for everyone, while providing almost everything for their daily practices and weekly trip to Manila.

Yes, for every match day, the club—18 players, four coaching staff and four admin staff—fly to and from Manila, spending close to P90,000 on tickets alone.

Yes, it’s good that the club has deep pockets but I think it’s better that the club knows what it’s doing.

“We will go through the process. Dili ta magdali,” one of the club officials said a few months ago when the plan was hatched to join the UFL.

That’s why this Saturday, let’s support Cebu Queen City. This is our team, our club in their second-most anticipated match in the UFL Cup.

By the way, what’s the most anticipated match?

“Mike, where will Cebu vs. Pachanga be played?” is the no. 1 question I get asked lately.

So, dear UFL, when is Cebu Queen City’s home game against Pachanga?

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