Friday, September 02, 2011

Fair Play: Cesafi volleyball, taken for granted?

WHEN I saw the schedule for the volleyball games of the Cesafi, I was a bit shocked. I’ve never seen an “uglier” schedule, ever.

The games are held every day for almost two weeks that it seems the organizers want the Cesafi games to be done and over with so they can concentrate on bigger things to fry.

Yep, I’ve never seen a sports schedule as packed like this that it seems it’s taken straight from the Palarong Pambansa, where games have to be played every days since the athletes can only stay in one venue that long.

But the Cesafi?

And with almost two months to go before the semester ends the only available playing dates the organizers can find are between Aug. 29 and Sept. 20?

I think this is the first time collegiate volleyball matches are held at 6 p.m. during weekdays and that’s sad because next to Cesafi basketball, volleyball matches attract the biggest crowd.

What gives? It seems they are such in a hurry to end the Cesafi so they can pour their efforts on other things.
Oh wait, they are, aren’t they?

The organizers of the Cesafi—the Cebu Volleyball Association—are also busy with the 6th GUV Cup and can’t possibly be conducting two tournaments at the same time.

And the GUV Cup will start on Sept. 17, right smack in the middle of the tournament.

Besides, this year, they are trying to synch the schedules, so Cesafi players can suit up for their hometowns in the GUV Cup, which is one of the country’s biggest volleyball competitions.

But does the synching of schedule come at the expense of the Cesafi tournament? The packed schedules seem to suggest that.
Oh well, I could be wrong and that the volleyball coaches all agreed to have this packed schedule, but a feedback relayed to me by the reporter who covered the first day of the volleyball matches seems to suggest otherwise.

Anyway, I hope whatever happens because of this packed schedule, the organizers will learn to spot the perfect solution.

Start the darn season a month earlier.

KAHOLEROS CEBU. To all footie fans out there, the Blue-Haired Guy (who won’t be named since he said a cousin would be pissed if he learns he was in Cebu and didn’t visit him) will be back in Cebu today to hold the organizational meeting and elections for the Kaholeros Cebu Chapter.

By the way, the Kaholeros are not just supporters of the Azkals—the senior team. This group supports all things Philippine football.

The meeting will be at the Azkals Sports Grill and Bar at noon today and among the initial plans being discussed is a one-day Fefa-Palami futsal tournament featuring a game between the Kaholeros and Dan Palami’s Global FC.

I’m also trying to insert a friendly game (emphasis on the friendly) between the local media and Sir Dan’s team on the same day, which if plans push through, should fall on Davis Cup weekend so Sir Dan and the Kaholeros can also cheer for our Davis Cup team.

For the friendly games, especially the one involving the media, Sir Dan has graciously agreed to let the winner take care of the post-match drinks.

So better dust off those futsal shoes.

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