Fair Play: Catching up with Dan Palami

This is my Fair Play column for Sun.Star Cebu for Oct. 1 and yes #abscbnfail
JUST like the last time we met, Dan Palami’s cell phone never stopped buzzing.

“You have 483 unread messages,” his phone said and that was just at 9:35 p.m.

And that’s just in one phone.

“I don’t read them all,” he said, which also prove me I was right when I stopped bothering to contact him through his cell phone.

Deleting 483 messages—which is just about his average—could take a while so Dan selects the “delete all” option every midnight, whether he even got to read them or not.

And 483 messages isn’t even the most he got. One time, he got 730—and these are just the unread messages.

Prior to the Suzuki Cup, there were no problems in contacting Dan through his phone as not too many folks were aware of the Azkals.

“It really started after December,” he said.

So, late at night, or sometimes early dawn, he checks his Twitter account and fires off replies. Yep, it’s easier to contact him through Twitter than through his phones because aside from being a manager of the Azkals, the guy holds positions in a real estate company, housing development firm, school board, manpower company, as well as being the head of marketing of the PFF.

But, of course, this doesn’t mean you can now open up multiple Twitter accounts like—GFniDanPalami, MrsniDSCPalami, marryme_dpalami, exclusivelyDSCP, SoulmateNiDSCP, palamiholics—and express your love to the man.

Dan’s phone, I found out, shows the IP addresses of the Twitter users.

“I think it’s just a prank by only one person,” he said.

And I think, once Dan learns the basics of IP addresses, he’ll find out for sure.

Though he’s resigned from his position from APT Global Inc., the firm running the MRT and LRT, he still makes the tough decisions.

Dan said he gets to delegate most of his functions because he “hired competent people and relies on the reports he gets from them daily.”

Dan, who was accompanied that night by a beaut…Oh, by the way, Dan said this week marks the anniversary of the team’s first tournament—the Long Teng Cup—in Taiwan, where they finished third of four teams last year.

“I hope we do better,” he said.

The dinner was hosted by officers of the Cebu Queen City United, the club that will be facing Global FC, Pachanga and the Stallions in the UFL Cup.

And Dan gave them a few tips regarding their foes and also promised to house them in Manila during match day.

And  since most of the officers of Cebu Queen City United are above 40, he also invited them to a friendly game with the 40-above coaching staff of Global.

Dan also said they have trademarked the name “Azkals” to prevent it from being abused commercially since there are a lot of knock-off merchandises being sold. I forgot to ask if the original Azkal drawing—done by Noel S. Villaflor—was also trademarked.

Aside from that, we also got to talk about a lot of things.

On Chris Greatwich returning to the squad:

“I think Coach Weiss has seen Chris only through the videos…He hasn’t had enough basis to judge Chris if he still is at the same level.  He is still in the pool but I think Chris needs to come over and show coach.”

On the team’s chances for a medal in the SEA Games:

“It will also depend on the draw but we have a very strong Under 23 team right now.”

On why he resigned as chairman of APT Global to have more time for football:

“I want to put more time for football until it has fully developed. I think it is a worthwhile endeavor.”

On Global FC and Cebuano keeper Paolo Pascual:

“He’s improving a lot. Though the two red cards were necessary, if his timing was better he didn’t have to get them. You cannot complain anything about his attitude. He’s very good and he takes criticisms very well.”
On his signing of Fil-Spanish Angel Aldeguer.

“This allows him to be here as much as possible and I hope other foreign-based players follow. They (Misagh Bahadoran and Aldeguer) even spend more time practicing with the (Azkals) than with the club.”

On the Azkals ever playing in Cebu again:

“When you have the pitch ready, I’ll make sure that we inaugurate it. I will see to it.


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