German consultant to evaluate Cebu football

A TECHNICAL advisor from the German Football Association will soon visit Cebu to evaluate the grassroots programs, local tournaments and the clubs.

Philippine national coach Michael Weiss, who was in Cebu recently, said the visit of the technical advisor, who is also a former coach of the Philippines, is part of the aid program from the German FA to the Philippine Football Federation.

Eckhart Krautzun will be arriving in October to conduct an evaluation of the football programs of the PFF and of the provinces and will be assisted by members of the 1991 Southeast Asian Games team, the most successful Under 23 SEA Games squad of the country.

“I chose him because he is familiar with the Philippines, having handled the team in 1991,” said Weiss.
Aside from evaluating the programs of the PFF, Krautzun will also evaluate the “youth football program in Cebu.”

“We want to build up as many youth developmental centers as possible,” said Weiss.
Weiss said the planned center will cater to the Under 10s and 12s and will involve a long-term development goal.

“After six to eight years, you should be able to see the fruit of your labors,” Weiss said.
The coach, who dropped by the San Roque Football Fiesta last Saturday, also said Cebu needs to have a decent pitch.

“You should improve the pitches here. You shouldn’t just wait for government support, there should also be support from the corporate and private sector,” he said.

Aside from youth football, Weiss said Krautzun and a technical advisory committee of the German FA will evaluate the “work of the PFF, conduct of school tournaments, local leagues, both regional and national, coaches’ education and the handling of the national teams.”

Weiss also said that it would be ideal for the PFF to be involved in the Palarong Pambansa, which has a football event and involves almost every public school at the district and unit meet level.

“Ideally, it should be handled by the football association but the Philippines is a very big country, there are so many things happening all together,” he said.


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