Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fair Play: ATV is all fun at Doce Pares Park

I ONCE dreamt of trying motocross but since a two-wheeled contraption and me was a bad combination, my wish of spinning those monster tires in the dirt-tracks remained only a dream.

But last Tuesday, I finally got to live it—sort of—thanks to the All Terrain Vehicles at the Doce Pares Zipline Park in Busay. My friend King Cortel told me Cebu Zipiline has acquired five ATVs and invited me and a couple of other media guys for a test run.

I immediately said yes and dragged my wife, Dr. Joel Pascual—the original Papa P—and a certified motorcycle nut along with me.

After a discussion on basic safety by Gerald CaƱete (who showed his ATV drifting skills), they let us try three types—the small 110 cc type, a slightly bigger Yamaha and the grand daddy of them all—a monstrous, 660cc, four-wheel drive machine aptly called the The Grizzly.

The 110, which is what Doce Pares will rent out once they finalize everything, has so many safety features it is almost idiot-proof and of course I went for the 110, while Doc Joel tried the Yamaha and King rode the Grizzly.

The two looked like they were born with an ATV and immediately tackled the difficult courses, climbing uphill and going downhill with such ease that it almost made me think, heck, this is easy!

It isn’t, of course. So I, and the other media guy, a sportswriter who is a bit on the heavy side, took a leisurely ride and once I had to help push his ATV because he got stuck mid-way to a climb.

The first thing I looked for during the test drive was a wet track, and there were plenty because of the heavy rain last Tuesday. I thought that since I couldn’t go for speed, and wasn’t crazy enough to climb those 15-degree cliffs, I might as well do justice to the “All-Terrain” in ATV by trying all terrains.

And I tell you, getting stuck in a foot of muddy, murky water is fun! Revving the engine, while the tire spins wildly, churning water and mud all over is so much fun I intentionally got stuck.

But what isn’t fun, though, is getting chased by an enraged cow who got annoyed by all the noise and boy, was I really thankful the cow was tethered and my 110 engine just had enough juice to speed away.(I could just see the SuperB headline had the cow managed to maul the ATV).

All in all, it was a great day. And do you know what’s a great way to end such day? Zip-lining at night, superman style.

The ATV, I’ll try again. The Zip-line? Not even if Maria Sharapova herself is strapped with me.

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