Why I ignored the Azkal rumor

LAST Sunday, Jojo of ABS CBN news contacted me because of a bombshell that was going around the Internet. As an internet-savvy journalist, Jojo was trying to get the background of a certain guy before printing a rumor.

I didn't, of course, tell him not to carry story. I simply told him, i don't trust the guy as he is known to make "mountains out of anthills, and sometimes, he even makes the anthills himself."

To be honest, when I got to the link on the blog of the rape story, I was shocked. But when I read Paul Weiler's name, I shook my head.

What is this crazy dude up to now?

I ignored it, but sadly, now that it's in mainstream news, you can't ignore the story anymore.

I'm curious, though, why a journalist picked up the story. I didn't get to read Bandera (because honestly, I don't read the tabloid) and I don't know how the writer treated the story, but what I do know is that in a sensational story such as this you have to 1.) verify the identity of the accuser, 2.) verify the incident, and 3.) give the "accused" a chance to speak.

If Paul Weiler was identified as a PFF consultant, did he verify it with the PFF?

As for me? I ignored the story because Paul Weiler was involved, and this guy's credibility is so shot to hell no one in Cebu media will touch him with a 10-foot pole.

I remember, too, how this guy would go to desperate measures to push an agenda.

One time, he had a suggestion (I forgot what it is). He was saying we "should do this" in the chat box of my old blog. Then another guy (was it Joshuey?) chimed in, telling Paul Weiler "is right, the Philippines should do that." the conversation went on and on and since at that time, I already knew his style. I told him to stop using aliases to flood my chatbox.

He said he didn't know the guy. So I checked the IP addresses of the nicknames and lo and behold, Paul and the guy he was talking too share the same IP ad, down to the last digit. He still denied it, he said the guy may have used the same PC that he used since he was in an office in Germany.

I pointed out that their chat messages were just seconds apart, and that you'd have to be blind not to notice the guy who uses your PC just seconds after you.

He still denied it. The other guy even said something like, "I am not Paul Weiler..." and he proceeded to call me names, "football destructors," and things like that.

I gave up, because it wasn't the first time that when Paul is confronted with evidence, that he uses the fact that you have evidence against him, as proof that you are a good-for-nothing football destructor because you dare go against him.

Paul used to e-mail the Cebu media almost every day, with reactions or suggestions. Most of the e-mails were libelous "football mafia, match-fixing." and were all ignored. He stopped and frankly, I was happy to be finally rid of him. (I could write a book about Paul's antics, but here's a few posts when I had to deal with him in the past. Please click here, here and here Please check the comments of those posts--Mike)

He used to introduce himself as the Cebu Football Association manager for years after the CFA issued a statement that he wasn't the CFA manager.

When the Azkals hit the news, I was surprised to see Paul anew, this time as the PFF consultant. I guess, he has promoted himself.

While a nuisance to the CFA and Cebu media, he was relatively harmless and he couldn't do much damage because he was ignored.

I thought, now he's the "PFF consultant," (and I think he did manage to refer some players to the national team), he couldn't do much harm, can he?

"At least," I thought, "He'd be good for a few laughs."

Sadly, no one's laughing now.

P.S. Another reason I ignored the blog? It's the Internet age, the age when (insert celebrity here) has died numerous times and outrageous claims are the norms to get hits and attention.

Evidence, such as this one provided by ABC of Pinoyfootball.com, are a dime a dozen.


idagurl said…
So he probably was the same guy who supplied info to fashionpulis right?

It's just sad how people are trying to destroy something that is bringing pride and hope to our country. And how some people will quickly believe rumors just because they want to see something/some people fail.

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