Monday, July 11, 2011

Fair Play: The curious case against Ed Hayco

POOR Ed Hayco. This hardworking commissioner at the CCSC just got sued, among others, for “neglect of duty” and “lack of courtesy, professionalism,” just because one expat coach got barred from a baseball clinic and a softball tournament.

The coach filed the complaint last July 7 at the Ombudsman for something that happened months back.

Why the delay?

I don’t know.

But what I do know is that you can’t meet a sports official more humble, courteous, professional and responsible than the amiable Ed Hayco. That he got dragged into what is essentially a misunderstanding—a grudge even?—between two guys is unfortunate.

Because it is what it is, a misunderstanding between two private individuals that reached the Ombudsman because one guy can’t sue the other at the Ombudsman, hence the case against Sir Ed and his deputy Brando Velasquez.

And if Sir Ed is guilty of all the things the coach accused him of, then I’m going to turn myself to the proper anthropological authorities as the “Missing Link.”

I’ve heard of this disagreement months back and I was surprised to learn it result to this. When I read the complaint last week, I was surprised, too, to read the coach claiming he was better than the coaches who attended the sports clinic, even trumpeting his being an awardee of the Sportswriters Association of Cebu.

When I read that, I immediately regretted pushing for the guy’s nomination. Jeez, a SAC award is for what an athlete or official has done the previous year not a hunting license to bully your way into things. And besides, the other guy the coach has an axe to grind against is also a SAC awardee and save for the Aldeguers of boxing, no other person has more SAC awards than Ed Hayco.

Oh well, the coach has said he’s open to a reconciliation—a day after suing the two guys—and I hope all’s well that ends well.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if the CCSC doubts the sincerity of the guy. Because the complaint and the reconciliation, came right out of left field.

REACTIONS. I Never expected my last column “Of course, the Azkals are for real” to be quite such a hit since I decided at the last minute to tackle that topic.

Most agree with what I said, which sort of proves my belief that fans are getting frustrated with the football stories they read and see in the news. (Put latest player-starlet sighting here.)

One guy, Detlef Ernst, while agreeing to what I said, posted in my blog, “It is very disappointing that you, like most of the commentators in the Philippine media, did not find it worth to mention that one of several reasons for the success of the Azkals is the work of its German coach! Maybe in one of your future columns you can leave some of the credit to him.”

I agree with Detlef, Coach Michael Weiss and the rest of the coaching staff, and especially Dan Palami, have done wonders for the team and deserve to be credited for doing so.

My non-mention, of course, doesn’t mean I don’t want to give them credit. (I think I’ve even run out of superlatives to describe Dan Palami.) My article simply focused on the Azkals’ success pre-Suzuki Cup 2010, as a reminder to those who don’t know that a lot of folks worked hard to help get the team where it is now.

Most of these guys are still involved in football and I simply thought that fans deserve to know what guys like Vince Santos and Aris Caslib did for the Azkals.

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