Thursday, July 21, 2011

CFA to put the fun back in festivals

This story came out on Sun.Star Cebu on July 21, 2011

THE Cebu Football Association will introduce a new festival-type format, one aimed to let the kids enjoy the game, in upcoming local tournaments as part of strengthening the football grassroots programs of the country.

Fifa, the world governing body of football, modified the festival format used in tournaments to be consistent with its concept of having kids enjoy the game at an early stage.

CFA believes that grassroots football should be a developmental game for kids aged 6 to 12 and kids should be introduced to a more enjoyable playing time rather than a competitive atmosphere in the pitch.

In the new format, the coach will have to accommodate all players unlike before when player rotation was limited.

Also under the old festival type format, kids sometimes waited for hours in between games, but in the new format, kids will play 12 games in two and half hours and will also have a series of activities.

As the pitch is divided equally based on the number of players, kids will go on a rotation—a seven-minute game, then a seven-minute exercise followed by a three-minute drill and then another game.

The series of games, exercise and drills will allow the coach to observe the players properly and give tips as warranted.

“Gusto man sa Fifa kay enjoy and fun, inig kahuman sa duwa kay nangalipay ang mga bata,” said Oliver Colina, who joined the Fifa Grassroots Pro-Active Instructors Course.

Since it will be a developmental activity for kids, no champions will be declared.

“This is a good practice and a new trend that will be adopted by the Philippine Football Federation this year,” said Colina, who is also the national 13-Under coach.

Colina along with Marlon Ferrero, Jinggoy Roa, Adonis Quinto and Rene Sanchez, was in Iloilo from June 27 to July 2 for the course facilitated by Fifa instructor Takeshi Ono, PFF Technical Director Aries Caslib and AFC elite instructor Marlon Maro.

The same seminar was held at San Carlos City prior with coaches Eleazer Toledo and Brother Mari Aberasturi participating.

“Hopefully, if nindot ang reception sa tawo ani kay we will try it in the opening of
the Aboitiz Cup,” Colina said.

Colina has also partnered with PFF Regional Technical Director John Carmona to apply the format in the Visayas.

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