Friday, April 01, 2011

Fare Play: Asean adopts PFF practice, push for Palami's as Fifa prexy

TO GET to the World Cup, two Asean countries will be sending students abroad.

“This is our ambitious grassroots program designed to get us to the World Cup 2034,” said PSSI president N.A. Halin Sad.

“We have seen how the Philippines is very successful with their foreign recruits, and we want to copy,” said FAS president Willie R. Valame’s Nut.

“We are hitting two birds with one stone. We send our students to learn and we will improve football,” Sad said.

The two presidents recently met with Dan Palami, team manager of the Azkals to interview him on how he managed to get foreigners to play for the Philippine team.

When they learned from Palami that the “foreigners” were not “foreigners” but Filipinos born abroad, the two decided to adopt the practice for their football associations.

According to the two, their Football Associations will sponsor the college education of 30 female students, who will be sent to Europe, Argentina and Brazil to pursue their education.

The students will be encouraged, but not forced, to socialize with the locals.

“We will not force them to marry or date. Education is our primary aim and if they get to marry the locals, we will sponsor their wedding,” said Nut.

The two FA presidents said the sons of the students will then be encouraged to train with the European clubs and then suit up for the national teams a cycle before the 2034 World Cup.

“We are planning to send them to Spain, Germany, Italy, Brazil and Argentina,” said Sad.

“England is still not a sure destination because people may ask, ‘why send them there? England hasn’t won anything,” said Nut.

Meanwhile, Valame’s, Nut and Myanmar FA president Frei Ang Suu Kyi have managed to convince AFC president Mohammed Been Hammim to give up his plan run for Fifa president.

“We know what he is after. We want transparency, honesty and real democracy in Fifa,” the Myanmar FA head said without batting an eyelash.

Kyi, who has headed the Myanmar FA for the past 30 years also said, “We are trying to convince Sepp Blotter to step down, he should give others a chance to head Fifa. No one should be president for more than eight years.”

Palami, who was meeting with two prospective coaches before meeting the two Asean heads, refused to comment.

“Mr. Dan Palami is busy working. He will only take interviews or issue comments starting tomorrow,” said the stunning Avril Folle, Palami’s assistant.

Folle instead referred to a certain PFF consultant. We called the consultant’s number but after a 10-hour interview, we haven’t learned anything.


graeme said...

Is that Sepp Blotter any relation to Sip Sip Sponge why am i not surprised that after a 10 hour interview you hadnt learned anything?? Most probably coz the newest news was old and the truest rumors were seen to be old lies.
Any chance of getting introseduced by Avril Folle who sounds just the most amazing person to get to know

Fare Play: Asean adopts PFF practice, push for Palami’s as Fifa prexy – Sugod News Philippines said...

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Mike Limpag said...

Mate, you are going to love Avril Folle, she's everywhere and she can do anything

Iol said...

Lol, asean copied PFF? The whole thing about fil-foreign can happen because of the dual citizenship policy, if Malaysia, indonesia and singapore have dual citizenship, sure they can get their asean-foreign national playing for them without worrying much about their citizenship... There are hundreds of them in the eredivisie and bundesliga especially the indo-dutch players