Thursday, March 24, 2011

Studio 23, kabarkada mong lasing doing a football show

IT’S really nice how Studio 23 has picked up football coverage—both of international games and of local matches.

But whoever thought of going ahead with a pre-match analysis of a replay deserved to be forced to watch a one-hour analysis of how paint dries and be made to watch paint dry for two-hours.

It’s stupid and the fact that they are trying to sell their “pre-match analysis” as part of the replay is stupid as hell.

Why? They did a prematch analysis on Monday despite knowing they wouldn’t be able to air the game live?

I wonder what the producer, or whatever is it that you call whoever is in charge of the commentary, told the pundits.

“Just pretend we are going live. Nobody is going to notice bitaw. And we won’t put the word 'live' in the upper right corner of the screen, so they will think we did this last Monday.”

At the start, some of the guest football experts look as if they were trying to stop from laughing at the comical set up.

If Studio 23 was so concerned about airing the ads they failed to air for the Monday game, or use the graphics (in fairness, graphics are nice) they prepared—things like that could have been addressed and used better.

First, show the game, as promised on 10:15 then do your analysis, with your five talking TV heads, plus Bob Guerrero and Darren Hartmann, who by the way, I think are the best local football commentators I’ve heard. (I wonder if Bob and Darren won’t list last night as the funniest thing they’ve ever done.)

And if Studio 23 still want its Mcdo Man of the moment or what have you, they could still have done that.

TJ Manotoc, “Who do you think should get the Big Mac?”

TV Head, “I think Angel deserves to be the Axe Man of the Match, besides did you see his LBC Express delivery? It was like, Instant Padala for Emilio Caligdong, who could use some Cherifer moments.” (Matching graphics pop up on huge screen everytime ad is mentioned)

TV Head 2,” Don’t forget Dyan? Did you see her in the sidelines? It was like she was checking out the Wheat grass.”

TV head 3, “The Azkals were disappointing, parang kulang ng Clusivol pero ang lakas pa rin ng sipa ni Neil, parang Red Horse.”

And then they could…Aaaah f*ck it. Never write stuff when you're pissed

Dude 1, “Hey, why are you late, you said 10:15, it’s 11:15.”
Dude 2, “I’m on Studio 23 time man,”


manfred said...

It can also affect performance of the team. It is well known that live coverage is an additional boost for the players. Its a strong part of the motivation. Thanks to all the fans and websites who could join the match and could update us. Let us hope that there will be some friendly matches in the near future at home soil. There are enough weekends reserved for National teams in FIFA Calendar.

manfred said...

Also my german weissbier will expire if i cant watch the game in TV, ABS CBN will refill?