Fair Play: Challenge Cup tickets and PNoy in Panaad

WHEN the Philippine Football Federation announced the final date and venue for the Asian Football Confederation Challenge Cup game against Mongolia, it got deluged with ticket inquiries.

When the PFF announced the details on how to secure tickets, the torrent became a flood, and not a few fans, disappointed by a lack of response from the PFF for their inquiries, are venting their frustrations, online.

Relax, folks. There’s no need to panic.

And, for the first time as a sports writer I’m going to say this, give the PFF a break.

The guys there know their job, and, having spent three years under you-know-who, they know what it feels like to be frustrated by the lack of response from the PFF.

So, have a little patience.

They know the Feb. 9 game is not just for the Azkals, it’s the chance for Philippine football and the fans, that’s why I’m pretty sure they are going to work hard to make sure that every one of those who sent in ticket requests, will get them.

Why the delay, though? You have to understand, all ticket reservations are done online and according to Ernest Nierras, the PFF e-mail is filled to capacity.

As an experiment, I timed myself answering hypothetical reservations. On average, it took me 71 seconds to read a ticket request, reply with a standard, “Good day, your request for two tickets have been approved, please check instructions for payment details,” plus “copy-paste” a four-line instruction.

For 1,000 e-mails, that’s 71,000 seconds. Do you know how long that is?

Nineteen hours, 42 minutes plus change. That is if all you do is answer reservation inquiries non-stop. And since all reservations are addressed to one e-mail, only one person can do this job, at a time.

That’s just for 1,000 e-mails.

Based on experience, I think this admin is trying to answer all inquiries. Just a few days back, I got an e-mail from the PFF at five minutes to midnight! That means it’s either they are burning the midnight oil in the House of Football or are taking their office, at home.

And answering e-mails isn’t the only job of the PFF staff. I reckon taking care of the logistics for the Feb. 9 is just as daunting.

Now, what to do if you’ve already booked your airline tickets and hotel in Bacolod but still haven’t received word on your reservations?

Fret not, you still have 10,000 chances in the grandstand. Go to Panaad and since it’s not just a stadium, it’s also a park., spending a few hours there won’t be a bore.

It’s not time to panic yet, this PFF got our backs.

PNOY IN THE AUDIENCE. I was one of those who was rooting for P-Noy to watch the Azkals game but after reading about the experience of some Cebuanos when P-Noy watched the Sinulog, I’m starting to have doubts.

The PSG, as a rule, are paranoid. While I will probably ogle if Maria Sharapova runs naked, they’d see it as a diversion for an imminent attack.

But for the Feb. 9 game, I hope they dial down their paranoia a bit. Yes, pens, spoons and forks could be a threat, but certainly not in the hands of a feeble reporter, right?


Bogs said…
P-noy's presence during the game will certainly boost the moral of our AZKALS and football awareness will really make it big in the country. I do hope and pray that P-noy will prioritize his schedule and make the AZKALS game his priority for Feb.9
Mike Limpag said…
Yap bogs, I hope Pnoy will be there and I also hope the PSG won't be OA
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Marmel said…
true, let's give PFF a pat on the back. they've been working really hard. I know brazil is a looooong shot, but russia aint. 2018? anyone?
Arielle said…
Mike, they wouldn't be the PSG if they weren't OA. Hahaha! As you said, paranoia goes with the territory. Anyway, I appreciate your insight on the whole ticketing issue as putting the numbers together puts things in perspective (19 hours vs 1000 emails). Cheers to the guys in the PFF for the hard work, they ought to get used to that as football truly has the momentum.
sidrow_c said…
spectators willing to buy tickets to watch a football match is a good sign that football finally captured the interest of Fiipinos, sana ito na talaga ang pasimuno para maging primerong sports ang football sa pilipinas. di lang sa laro ng azkal kundi sa mga domestic leagues din.

until now i cannot uderstand kung bakit wala pa rin website ang PFF. correct me if im wrong but i cannot find a legitimate one. present concerns regarding schedules of football matches and activities and other annoucements can be posted as well as PFF sanctioned activities of the FAs around the country.

as i observed before, correct me if im wrong but the previous PFF hierarcy dont want to have these websites in the net as if they deemed it as an avenue for football aficionados to vent out the frustration on the state of philippine football. i used to frequent pinoysoccer, magandang site sana yun, di ko alam bakit bogla na lang sumara yun. sayang.
Lemmy said…
I'm one of those who panicked and still panicking about the lack of reply to my ticket reservation. I booked my plane ticket the same time I sent email for ticket reservation. Got my plane ticket, no game ticket yet till now. I already sent my 3rd email in case they haven't received my previous ones. The thing is, I read somebody getting her ticket when I sent my email earlier than her. She received an "Inbox-full" error when she sent her first email and has to send another email (she sent the second email just this week, I believe). I sent my email last Thursday, didn't get any error and I only heard of PFF's inbox getting full on Friday or Saturday. So I'm still wondering why I'm not getting any reply yet from PFF. Leaves me bewildered...nevertheless I'm still unwavering on my support for PFF, the Azkals, and Philippine football in general...but please send me a note whether I will or won't get a ticket...for my peace of mind hehehe

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