Fair Play: Pacquiao and Holy Week bikinis

I SPENT the Holy Week reading FHM and Maxim.

No it wasn’t to protest the inhuman ban on bikini shows. It was all research for column material.

Sure, the pictures were nice, but you really don’t browse these mags for the pictures, just like you don’t go to Bantayan during the Holy Week just for the bikini shows.

(In case you’re wondering, I also watched a documentary about Jesus and the bible. So there, no deadly lightning bolt for me.)

Back to the issues at hand, FHM had a probing feature on the inner circle for the April issue, while Maxim listed 14 heartbreaks last February.

Maybe I should try requesting our office to subscribe to both mags? Both seem essential to the sports section’s well-being, same with Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition. Hmmm.

A few pages after the cover girl’s spread, Pacquiao’s inner circle--Chavit Singson, Eric Pineda, Buboy Fernandez, Atty. Franklin Gacal, Jake Joson—was featured.

Singson is Pacquiao’s ninong and advisor, Salud is a boxing advisor. Fernandez is Pacquiao’s long-time friend and trainer, Gacal is his legal counsel, while Jayke Joson is his chief of staff.

If you think Pacquiao only has a staff of five, the article said there are 20 more in Team Pacquiao when he’s in LA. And in a previous story in another site—no it didn’t involve bikinis--a couple of weeks ago, Manny sponsored a weight loss contest for Team Pacquiao.

How many joined? Twenty-five in the morning weigh-in, another 35 in the afternoon.

In the girls-in-bikinis-or-sometimes-none-at-all magazine, Gacal said “Pacquiao’s generosity makes it impossible to pinpoint exactly how many members comprise Team Pacquiao.”

Which is just like saying anybody who has the audacity to claim to be a member of the team, can be one.

As for Gov. Chavit, who along with Gacal is one Pacquiao insider fans love to hate, he said, “I know all his secrets and all my secrets that other people shouldn’t know, he knows!”

I wonder who else would love to know these secrets. Strangely, conspicuously absent in the inner circle feature is Michael Koncz.

This mysterious guy started his dalliance with Pinoy boxing by trying to hook up a couple of Cebuano fighters back in 2004. The promoter didn’t bite but Koncz managed to catch the biggest fish in Philippine boxing.

Enough of FHM, though the lady in page 78 looked nice. It’s time to discuss Maxim’s 14 biggest heartbreaks in RP sports.

Top on their list was Onyok Velasco’s disappointing loss in the 1996 Olympics, you know, the time the International Amateur Boxing Association adopted a unique scoring system that had the guy who got hit, score points.

At No. 2 was the infamous Little League incident in 1992, when the Philippines got stripped of the world title after it was discovered the team cheated.

And also in the list, Z Gorres’ “hometown robbery” in his own town against Fernando Montiel for the WBO title; the next greatest female runner turning out to be a man; the 0-0-0 medal haul in Beijing; getting robbed in the Tokyo Olympics; getting robbed in the Athens Olympiad, and a governor robbing Luisito Espinosa of his prize money.

Four in the list were all about the Olympics, three were basketball-related, three were about pro boxing—including the latest Pinoy to die in Thailand—while another two were about billiards.

As expected, the list is depressing. Especially the one at No. 14, which is about politics in Philippine basketball. That might as well be about politics and infighting in Philippine football, badminton, weightlifting, swimming, wrestling, equestrian, arnis, cycling and what-have-you.

I guess it helps that the features in the other pages will help you get over the depression, especially during the Holy…



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