Saturday, January 03, 2009

Fair Play: Things to do in the Year of the Ox

IT’S three days into the Year of the Ox, so, have you broken your New Year’s Resolution already?

Fret not, resolutions are not supposed to be iron-clad rules, they are more like guidelines…

I haven’t made any yet and since this is my first column for 2009, now’s a good time to start. So, here are a few things I intend to do this year.


There’s been a slew of running events in Cebu the past year, some even occur at the same time (Hmmm, do organizers of these events have an axe to grind against each other? I seem to add a lot of hmmms, maybe I should write a column all about hmmms.)

Lots of people have taken up running and I think I’ve virtually prepared for a running event since I transferred residence.

Going into our compound in Talamban, you stare up at the Veco post. When you get to our door, you are staring down at it.

I’d probably start with a 3K before hitting 21K later this year, or to be more realistic, start with 500 meters and graduate to 3K. That’s hard work and the Year of the Ox is all about hard work.


I took up introductory chess in elementary and learned the notation all by myself.

But when they changed the system in high school, I lost interest. Maybe, this year, I could pick up on my Queen’s Gambit anew.

I know some people diss chess and say it isn’t really a sport but I guess they are really just scared some four-year-old will whup their collective behinds.

Also, maybe I can try my luck by solving Chessmoso’s puzzles.

TELLING IT AS IT IS. Sportswriting is mostly about hype.

In an ordinary game, you’d encounter phrases like, “collapse,” “blistering rally,” or “rode on the shoulders of Mr. So and So to capture the tiara..”

Maybe, just once, I’d tell it like is and write, “while the lone member of the audience bravely fought off his yawn…” or “To the delight of the crowd, all of whom earned P200 to cheer non-stop the Champions brought home the trophy they specially bought for the occasion, signaling the end of their forced revelry..”

Or if I’m really feeling ballsy, “In another typical waste of government money, Mr. Elected Official _________ spent for an inter-barangay basketball tournament for 35-and above, donated 30 basketball rings emblazoned with the words ‘A Love Project of______’ and calls them his grassroots development program.”

Oh well.

PICKING UP THE GAME. Tennis was the first sport I took up, before I learned to swing at baseballs and kick footballs.

Since baseball is the next sport the Sportswriters Association of Cebu will engage in, and I’ve kicked a football now and then, tennis is my preferred sport to pick up anew this year.

When I and another friend got deported home in college, we used to hit the courts every day and managed to stay fit.

There’s no feeling like hitting that second serve ace while saving a match point in a wager for that afternoon’s refreshments. (Especially if you have no money.)

Other activities in my list this year is to hit 150 in bowling, play 18 holes in a golf course and improve my lap time at Kartzone.

When SAC took up karting, I finished last and the first placer could have finished a cup of coffee or two while I was still taking that last curve.


They say boxing, aside from learning self-defense, is also a total workout, so that’s a good exercise option. Maybe instead of just writing about boxers who lack knockout power, I’d try to learn how strong these “weak punchers” are.

Also, think I was a frustrated dancer in a previous life, so what better way to slay that demon by learning some moves.


Watch a full basketball game.

I haven’t watched any since MJ retired and also, now is probably a good time to get re-acquainted with PBA stars since I only recognize about five of them.


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