Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fair Play: Sinulog sports and stubborn No. 5

IT’S the Sinulog again and it means sports takes the back seat when Cebu’s biggest festival hit the streets.

Though there may be Sinulog Cups or Sinulog this and that, they are always held before the event. (Or after, in the case of Sinulog boxing tomorrow night.)

And if it’s the grand parade, it means one thing to most people: a whole lot of walking. There are a lot of arguments regarding the Sinulog, both pro and anti, but if there is one thing that is overlooked, it is how Cebu’s biggest festival gets people to exercise, even for just a day.

I’m not talking about the dancers, though it would be interesting to note how many pounds they lose before and after the grand parade, I’m talking about everyone else. I think it’s safe to assume that during the Sinulog parade, people get to walk a lot more than they would have in a normal week. (With the cold weather we’ve been having, sweating it out this Sunday is a welcome change.)

And that’s not really a bad thing. It’s like having a whole day mini-marathon for hundreds of thousands.

And that’s not the only “sporting aspect” of the Sinulog. Anyone who’s been to a boxing match knows it isn’t complete without seeing ring girls in skimpy bikinis (or really, really wide g-strings) strutting the ring.

Just like the round girls of boxing matches, during the grand parade, girls get placed in a pedestal (or floats) for all the guys to gawk at, and that’s definitely not a bad thing. (Aaaw, who threw that!!! )

HIT-AND-RUN. Speaking of Sinulog events, two more sports events related to the annual spectacle take place today. First is the Sinulog 21K half-marathon at IT Park, this morning and then the arnis event at Paseo tonight.

For the morning event, 14 brave souls from the Sportswriters Association of Cebu will be joining the hundreds of others.

For veteran runners like Sun.Star’s John Pages and the two Raffys of the Freeman, Uytiepo and Osumo, the 21K will be a walk in the park, but for the rest, we have been advised to “walk-jog-walk” the 5K, lest we strain all those unused muscles.

As another safety measure, the contact numbers of Eruf were also handed out in our e-group.

BOWLING. I wonder how Jomar Jumapao must feel about No. 5, and I’m not talking about the soup, though with this weather…

Jumapao was one pin away from a perfect game in the Sinulog Bowling Cup, and all it took was a stubborn No. 5 in his final throw, and he had a 299, instead of a 300.

I tried bowling last month, and though we barely scratched the 100s, we were quite a noisy bunch. The noise level from Jumapao and the rest of the people in the tournament when he started hitting those strikes must have hit the roof, especially when that No. 5 refused to budge.

I think I saw somebody almost bend over backwards when one pin failed to fall in what could have been his first strike. I wonder what Jumapao’s body language must have been like during that final frame.

Bowling is one of the hardest sports I’ve ever tried. Throwing that ball to 10 pins that barely stand may look so easy, but actually doing it, is so darn hard.

IT’S GETTING LONELY. Ever since I started this gig a few months ago, I’m supposed to have a companion every Saturday. But my Saturdays are getting really lonely. There’s supposed to be another Football Guy in this page, but Noel S. Villaflor is still on extended vacation.

Let’s hope he ends it and starts penning Foot Note again.
Paging NSV

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