Fair Play: Ronnie vs. Manny and pong soy

IT'S strange how the Manny Pacquiao vs. Ricky Hatton negotiation saga ended, isn't it? When news that the deal fell off, I asked a veteran writer what he thought of that and he said, "Padugang ra na's pusta, dayun na na."

And a few days later, the fight is on, thanks to a beer drinking session.  I think I want to break out on a song, does anyone knows the lyrics of Selling the Drama?

WHAT'S IN A WORD?  Before news of the deal that went on and off like a switch hit the news, there was another interesting "fight" in one of my favorite websites--a word-war between Manny Piñol and Ronnie Nathanielsz.

Piñol is a former sportswriter turned politician and one of the last times I heard him on the news, he did one thing I admire—he used a golf club to teach an annoying, arrogant member of that invading army—also known as a tourist---some manners. (It's true! Google Piñol and tourist.)

As for Ronnie?  I've watched him since his Blow-by-Blow days and though I don't share some of his views, his are the few articles I follow religiously.  And if I may say so, he's one workhorse of a writer.

Piñol, who admitted that since he is now a manager and a promoter is no longer an objective writer, was pissed when Nathanielsz called Gerry Peñalosa's foe in his tuneup bout, German Meraz (20-10-2, 8 KOs), a "workhorse."

Nathanielsz based the description on Meraz's 13 fights in 2008.  Now if that doesn't make one a workhorse, I don't know what will.

Ronnie's article earned a scathing rebuke from Piñol, who called his foe, a "Marcos propagandist," with a "split personality" who works for Hatton against Pacquiao.  Well, among other things.

However, in the same paragraph, Piñol, who is promoting Peñalosa's fight, also called Meraz a "journeyman." And that's worse than a "workhorse."

I guess the reason for Piñol's anger could be because Ronnie wrote "Peñalosa's manager Billy Keane (said) he was concerned that (WBO president Francisco) Valcarcel may get peeved over the fact that the tune-up fight was announced even before it had been sanctioned by the WBO…However, Keane said he was 'optimistic that the fight will happen' although he indicated that premature publicity won't help."

That's weird, I never thought there is such an animal such as "premature publicity" in sports.  This round goes to Ronnie, 10-9.

UNCEREMONIOUS EXIT.  One of the big news in sports the past week was the unceremonious exit of Philippine sports Chairman William Ramirez.  Butch is one of the rare sports leaders who care more about action than PR.  When the Philippines got 0-0-0 in the Beijing Olympiad, he submitted a courtesy resignation.  That was over five months ago.

Just last week, he got a call that his resignation was accepted and that he would be replaced on Feb. 1.  The other day, PSC got another call, it's not Feb. 1, it's Jan. 26.  Why was Ramirez replaced and why the timing?

A national paper's website quoted Angpin, "I understand I'm the eighth chairman of the PSC. Eight means prosperity. I got the official word that I'm the PSC chairman during Chinese New Year. It's the Year of the Ox and I was born on the Year of the Rabbit, and they say that it is very lucky."

So Ramirez gets the unceremonious boot because of…pong soy?

How cruel can that be?  Angpin may think it's a good omen, but hey, if he loves numbers, Ramirez was the seventh PSC chairman. And isn't seven supposed to God-send?

What if another ex-congressman with even more clout sets his eyes on the position, would we be reading another quote that says, "I'm the ninth chairman, and the number nine is the greatest of all single digits and means long-lasting, so I will be the chairman for life…"

Oh brother, politics in Philippine sports is sure one weird telenovela.

Next Fair Play, reactions on Ramirez's exit, abangan!

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