Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fair Play: Nadal's victory and Internet thieves

SOME four years after assuming office, Philippine Sports Commission chairman Butch Ramirez is gone, replaced by ex-congressmen Harry Angpin.

Ramirez’s resignation, offered after the Philippines’ 0-0-0 finish in the Beijing Olympics, was accepted last week. And kaput goes the amiable chairman.

Here’s a reaction from Graeme Mackinnon:

“It is a shock that Butch has resigned from the PSC. That he felt compelled to resign after the dismal showing of the Olympic team in failing to win a medal in the Beijing Olympics is the mark of the man.”

“Is it the Chairman of the PSC's responsibility to prepare the athletes for international competition or that of the various NSA's…Has there been any resignations from NSA presidents? NO WAY. Will Butch's resignation prick the conscience of these individual sports leaders to move on for the greater good of Philippine sports? Don't hold your breath waiting. Being president of an NSA is a job where mediocrity and failure has its rewards.”

I haven’t heard of an NSA president resigning because of the Olympic failure, what I’ve read are reports of infighting or people who, if they won’t get elected to an NSA, put up their own. Heck, one NSA leader has been in his position since our 2008 Olympians were babies and instead of giving way, he became president in other associations as well.

CRAZY FINISH. Crazy Horse got a revenge of sorts after a scoreless draw with Sambag 1 earned it the Aboitiz Men’s League title.
With the draw, Crazy Horse ended the season with 19 points on six wins and a draw, while Sambag 1, which probably rued its complacency in its first game, finished with 16 on a 5-1-1 card.

Sambag 1 lost its first game, 1-0, to the University of the Philippines Foundation Alumni, a team which finished the season 1-5.
Had Sambag 1 won that game, it would have had a realistic chance of beating Crazy Horse for the title as both teams would have been tied at 15 points going into the final game.  But because of that loss, Sambag 1 had the unenviable task of beating Crazy Horse by 13 goals to win the title.

Back in 2006, most of the players of Sambag 1 were playing for Hiroshi and that team beat Crazy Horse for the title by just one goal.  The two also drew their last match, 2-2.

I wonder how former RP training pool member Oliver Colina must feel right now.  In 2006, he was with Crazy Horse, now he is with Sambag 1 and in both times that I got to write about the Aboitiz League, it involved his team losing.  Better luck next time, bay.

Oh well, I’ve always wanted to write more about the Aboitiz League but ever since my column got mangled and appeared in the Aboitiz Football Cup website sans permission—with their own copyright, the nerve--and a story I co-wrote also got posted in that site without my name, I’ve lost interest. (Why provide them with more materials to steal?)

FAIR JINX. Maria Sharapova’s name has appeared in seven Fair Plays while Ana Ivanovic showed up in two.  And since that time, my two ladies have nothing to show. Sharapova still hasn’t played in months, while Ivanovic packed her things in the Australian Open early.
That Roger dude hasn’t appeared in full, while the other guy with that wedgy hasn’t been mentioned at all.

I’m quite superstitious in sports and when I started Fair Play, I’ve tried to avoid writing about my favorite players if they have an ongoing tournament since I thought it might jinx them if I say how good they are doing when they still got a few games to play, but…

Check out Rafael Nadal Parera, this guy is so good he seems unbeatable. Rafael Nadal Parera still has to drop a single set going into last night’s semifinals against another Spaniard, Ferdysomebody.

With his blistering speed, awesome spins, relentless rallies, Rafael Nadal Parera, as sure as the sun will rise, will be this year’s Australian Open champion


cofekat said...

thats the downside of this "copy & paste" IT magic, its so easy to copy others' work and claim as it their own.

stealing stories, grabbing photos. please think of the author who sacrificed time and effort to come up with a story or an action photo.

i also do sports photography, amateur though, and those few amazing shots i capture in the pitch were taken under the heat of the sun, waiting for that "right" moment.

we should give basic courtesy & respect to these people. you know, they are just an e-mail away for us to ask permission. all we need to do is acknowledge them properly. mostly, these people will be happy to share their works to the rest of the world.

the owners of that website surely knows about copyrights. they are a prestigious company. the website, instead of promoting their name, seems to project a bad image.

world wide web thieves?

Mike Limpag said...

Thanks. What's worse with this Aboitiz WWW thieves is that when they started that website I told them, if they will re-post other people's stories and reports, that they must ACKNOWLEDGE, where they got them.

Instead, what they are doing is they make it appear that those writers are working for them.

And they have a copyright. The nerve of these people...

kikster said...

i checked the aboitiz website and notice that there are new items where the writer's name are acknowledged but in some they are not mentioned. in some news items your name is written. this is also true for edri aznar's and another writer. it just doesnt show the newspaper's name.

about the aboitize field, the entrance is only P10.00 per person and the cars is P30.00 per day. maybe that particular photographer brought along a vehicle so total is P40.00

Mike Limpag said...

By not acknowledging where they got the stories, plus the copyright, they make it appear that the writers work for them. Photogs covered the previous games had no problems, but last Sunday, they were made to play. CFA told the guards that they are exempted, guards disregarded order from CFA, because they had instructions from Aboitiz. According to photogs, these were the same guards who told them last week, "walay problema basta kamo."