Monday, November 10, 2008

Queen City dumps USPF

From Sun.Star Cebu

AN early set back proved costly for the University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF) Alumni as it was pounded by Queen City United, 4-0, in their Men’s League match of the 11th Aboitiz Cup Football tournament at the University of San Carlos-Technological Center field.

USPF Alumni goalkeeper Benjamin Sanches was sent out of the pitch in the early minutes of the game after he was involved in an altercation with a QCU player, reducing them to 10 men.

Sanchez was replaced by defender Lloyd Ong.

However, Ong, who used to play as goalie, had a hard time warding off the QCU attackers as he conceded a goal by Ronald Mahilum in the 32nd minute.

With USPF only having 10 players in the pitch, QCU pushed on the offensive end and Martin Bontia struck in the 59th minute with only Ong to beat to extend QCU’s lead to 2-0.

Being undermanned, fatigue was setting in for the USP-F players but they still attacked aggressively on the opposite end. However, their efforts proved futile.

First victory

In the 75th minute, substitute striker Tenggoy Colmenares scored the third goal for QCU for the 3-0 commanding lead then Rommel Cuizon sealed the victory with a powerful strike from the right wing in the 86th minute.

QCU got its first victory and now sits at the second spot, behind the top seeded Crazy Horse, with 4 points.

USPF, which surprised powerhouse Sambag 1, 1-0, in their first game, suffered their second straight loss.

On the other hand, Crazy Horse kept its undefeated record as they trampled San Roque FC, 8-0.

Jacob Cañada led the way for Crazy Horse with two goals, while Jan Michael Abellana, Rodolphe Lina, Epifonia Ynot, Rocky Garciano, Jack Daño and Edward Lachica capped a goal apiece.

Crazy Horse is still dominating the tournament with an unblemished 3-0 record for 12 points.

Meanwhile, in the 38-Above category, AJTS grabbed their first victory as they crushed 53rd Army 5-1 while SRFC flattened Hiroshi 7-0.


kikster said...

The aboitiz football cup has a nice website but the problem is they have not completely updated the results. The 'standings' box has not been updated since the first game. The 'schedules and results' box for boys 17 was not updated for the gamee results last Oct 18. The problem with some people is they start something nice but don't see things through to completion...its so irritating

Mike Limpag said...

Napulan nako anang Aboitiz na website. Bahala na sila, way klaro kinsa man ang admin sa ana nga site. Di kabalo. Pangutanon nimo ngano way update, sige basol sa CFA ngano dugay resulta.

Tanawa unsang resulta sa coverage sa Aboitiz Cup.

jam said...

naa man alternative ang aboitiz cup. tan-awa ang CESAFI karon nindot pagkadala, updated pa dyud ila website, naa didto ay.

nya sige pa gyud upload ug pics. maka suya kaayo. nindot kayo i apil sa CESAFI da, kaso lang member schools lang gud. maayo unta mo accept sila guest teams sunod.

ronaldo said...

From a player/coach/spectator perspective, I am satisfied with the simply the games. The Aboitiz League and Mens/Ladies Open is on-going to keep me occupied during Sundays, there is the CESAFI on Saturdays, and of course the Aboitiz age-groups in different venues, and the City Olympics is just around the corner. Plus, I'll be going to Cagayan de Oro for the POF on December. There is actual football being played/coached/watched.

But I agree with both of you - the Aboitiz tournaments is not exactly "fan-friendly". For the common fan, the one who watches his/her team play then go home, there is no reliable update/source from CFA. With several venues, watching all of the games is impossible, thus the need to have up-to-date-short-of-real-time information preferablly thru the aboitiz.cup website.

I don't think the CFA board has someone in charge for media releases (correct me if I'm wrong). Perhaps they should appoint someone to focus on this task, and just this task, so that information about games, schedules, etc. will be as up-to-date as possible. There is a CFA director on every venue everytime - that everyone can see. Thus, there shouldn't be any problem with these directors giving the P.R. person-in-charge the results of the day's games.

It doesn't even have to be in graphic, full-color detail. The number of goals, goal scorers, time scored should be basic enough. Details like scuffles (either among players or parents), goal-build-up, or fantastic attempts/misses would be extra. The important think is to have the game results known.

Compared to the previous CebuFA board, the CFA incumbents are not exactly media-friendly (Mike, quick - contradict me on this one if it ain't true). Perhaps a sit-down with the reporters is long-deleayed. It would also be an appropriate time for the board to present their program to the general public and not just let the coaches know about it.

Mike Limpag said...

What is needed for a basic and generic story are goal scorers, minute scored and standings. That's it. What Maxi did before was on weekdays, he emails results of one age group that reporters didn't cover. So, there was a coverage everyday.

BAy Ronaldo, mao na amo gi storyahan ni Elying a few weeks ago tong nagtagay mi, Nisuggest pud ko sa iya nga dili kailangan ang spokesperson, basta naay ra ma kwaan ug resulta. Bahala na i email ra. Kahinumdom ko sa akong kahubog ni ingun ko niya, kinsa man ni inyong spokesperson? Wa man gani sya ni kontak nako? Wa man gani koy number niya. Pero pagtanaw nako sa ako cellphone the next day, tung nahuwasan na, naa diay koy number niya kay nag ilaila na diay mi paglaunching sa Aboitiz Cup.

I think the current board members expect the same coverage as before not knowing why the previous Aboitiz Cup got such mileage.

Kani gimik nga photo contest sa Aboitiz Cup, nga muhatag silag 10,000, 7,000, 5,000 para sa photographers way epek. Maypa ang ilang gigasto ani, gibayad na lang sa usa ka tawo para mag "Sherwin" mukolekta sa resulta, museguro nga kumpleto pangalan, ug minutes. Bay, ang kani update sa Cesafi, by text ra ni. Kami ra tawon mutanaw aning mga duwa-a.

Pagkasayang tawun ni nga tournament. Sa age groups pa lang daan, 22 players, basta tarung ang pagkasuwat, that's 22 papers bought, wa pay labot ang mga lolo ug lola nga mupalit sa paper kung ma starring apo.

jam said...

naa diay photo contest Aboitiz Cup? total ug P22,000.00? kadaku gud. unya halos dili ka kakita ug photos sa newspaper. maayo pa kanang kwarta ihimo na ug lain tournament, daghan pa bata malipay.

gi unsa man diay na sa CESAFI nga dili lang Sun Star mogawas, asta pud Freeman, Cebu Daily News, asta gud Superbalita, naa pa dyud action pics. ang ila mga description sa games detalyado man.

unya naa pa gyud pre-match and post-match news. sikat lagi kaayo ang mga CESAFI players oi, maka suya ba. tsk tsk tsk.

ok na partnership CESAFI ug PaBol da. maayo combination.

Mike Limpag said...

Ay kanang praise releases, dili ko magsaba kinsa ako gipanaigo ato pero para to sa he shoots, he scores! Another trey by...

Mike Limpag said...

Kang spread out the news, depende na sa diskarte sa mag suwat. Naa usahay sa kadaghan sa games, mangita na lang kag unsaon pagconnect sa imo storya, so usahay ang style sa istorya is how one school fared in all divisions...etc..

Or, style nako sa una, pili ra ko unsa ako tanawun, i meanwhile na tanan, or kung wa sa mood, mag litanya ug resulta, or, kung hangover pa, unya maglagot ko's coach, athletic director or unsa, way resulta mabutang sa ilang team. Hiunon, sa una ra to..hehehe. Peace.

Mike Limpag said...

May na lang wa to nagsumbagay bay Ronaldo, kay magkapuliki tong official ug pangutana kinsa'ng ulo ang giduol sa kumo.

Back to the serious stuff. Coverage in the age group football is lacking, or should I say, maguwang lang sa wala. And that's a pity because sa launching sa Aboitiz Cup ni ngun sila nga Aboitiz Cup is for the youth.

If there are CFa board members in each venue, then its really easy to do this. Let each member make sure nga complete ang result. On Mondays, let the boardmember in Springdale email what he got to the three outlets, on Tuesdays, it will be the turn of the one in CIS, on Wednesdays, sa San Roque na sad. on Saturdays, ipa-email ang the one in charge in USC for the standings, schedule sa USC-TC.

Then that's that.

kikster said...

hangtud karon, ang score sa Boys 17 games kaniadtong Oct 18, wala pa gyud na-post. samot na ang standings sa tanan wala gyud maglihok.unsa man ning inqon ani- pinoy mentality ba ni or CFA mentality? kanang maayo lang pagsugod pero kadugayan, pasagdan na lang.morag wala gihapoy ayo ning atong cfa ron.wala man gani follow-thru sa inqon aning butanga, unsa na kaha sa mas dagkong butang. how can you keep the interest in your website and the sports if it is not useful at all. mas nahibalo pa tas standing sa premier league kay sa atong liga. sayang, sayang gyud.

ronaldo said...

Hinaut ma hatagan og tagad kining nagung-ung nga mga pagsaway bahin sa kakuwang sa pag-sibya ni-ining gitawag nato og "the beautiful game".

Oi Bai Mike. Na klaro ang wala nimo'y higayon sa bisang gamay nga pasiplat sa aboitiz tournaments. Wala'y duwa didto sa CIS field, gi balhin didto sa San Roque.