Friday, November 14, 2008

Osmena lifts one year ban of ANS football team

From Sun.Star

THE Abellana National School (ANS) Under-16 football team gets a big break after Mayor Tomas Osmeña decided to cut short the one-year ban on the team for joining a tournament last June without informing the Department of Education.

“I sent a text message to the Mayor this morning to lift the suspension of the team and he agreed. This is not the fault of the kids but of the coach,” Cebu City Council Committee on Sports, Amusement and Games Chairman Sylvan “Jack” Jackosalem told Sun.Star Cebu yesterday.

ANS and their coach were given a one-year suspension by Mayor Osmeña after they joined the Philippine Olyimpic Festival Qualifiers in Dumaguete City.

Beforehand, Councilor Jackosalem was advised by Ricky Dakay, the City’s sports director for football, that they should lift the suspension of the whole team because some of the most talented Under-16 football players in Cebu City play for ANS.

“Ricky told me that some of the best football players in Cebu are from Abellana. I agreed with his advice and asked the mayor for his approval,” said Jackosalem. “They can already play in the upcoming City Olympics. This is good news for the kids and their parents. Because the kids really want to play football.” (EKA)


ronaldo said...

This is good news for the players. The big question now is - does the lifting of the ban includes the coach ?

The suspension covered not just the POF-regionals "Cebu-Province" team but also the born 1991 players of Abellana. DepEd competitions are for U18 (P17) athletes. So, theoretically, Cebu City can field practically the U17 POF team PLUS it's best 1991 born players for the CVIRAA (depending of course on who the city olympics champion will be). Can you imagine how deep and how talented such a team shall be. Plus, they already have months of training together. If only we are allowed an 18-man lineup instead of the 15-man squad currently being inforced.

Mike Limpag said...

Coach still banned. We tried contacting him yesterday, pero di na macontact.

ronaldo said...

Now, what to do with the coach ?

Believe it or not, Ramirez and Abellana did not break any CFA, PFF or POF/PSC rules. The POF required only the endorsement of the NSA (the CFA in this situation) and the LGU (Cebu Province). Ramirez had both. Current POF rules does not require proof of residence (remember, this is an LGU-based and not an NSA based competition).

Thus, the CFA does not have any reason to sanction Ramirez, unless they will magically come up with one. IF ANS went without CFA endorsement then there would have been a basis for a sanction, but sice the endorsement was given, then no sanction should be forthcoming.

However, DepEd can put administrative sanctions on Ramirez, IF they feel his actions were detrimental to the school and to the players. If DepEd feels that Ramirez's actions was contrary to the values a DepEd eduacator should show to their students and to the public, then DepEd is duty and morally bound to sanction the coach.

Of course, if they do sanction Ramirez, I hope he has the delikadeza to stay away from the playing venue, and not shout instructions from the sidelines.

Mike Limpag said...

Ronaldo, just got a call from Joy Young, ban on team and Ramirez, stays. Back to the original sanction

ronaldo said...

Bai Mike, as of last night, the football Tournament Manager hasn't received notice that the ANS ban has been lifted. The drawing of lots for the opening games will be later today. We will know the final decision by tonight.

kikster said...

the unit meets were already done weeks ago so i dont think abellana can catch up with tomorrow's city olympics

ronaldo said...

The DepEd sports system calls for representations from school districts. The loopholes/gray area that ANS may use is that there is no representation from their district. Another is that a district level elimination game is no longer necessary because there is no other secondary football team in their district, thus ANS automatically will represent their district. This is the same situation with the DBTC elementary football squad, which will represent it's district automatically because there is no other elementary football team in the district, unlike in the past when Basak Elementary School and Punta Elementary School use to have football teams.

ronaldo said...

Just got the news. So the ban stays. Too bad for the players, but a good example is being shown. Values should be first and foremost and not winning. Sakto kaayo si Joy Young.

Now, if only educators like Ramirez will share the same principle and remain true to their oath of being educators, then our sports competitions will vastly improve.

kikster said...

its really the ANS secondary school thats being banned here from participating. coach ramirez told the principal about the pof dumaguete but the principal failed to inform dep-ed and took it on his own to allow their school to represent cebu province. clearly this is the fault of the school itself. in violations like this its most often the school's fault because they tolerated it. you cannot ban the school and let the players play. its just like when a country or a school is banned because of age cheating-its not the fault of the athletes but they have to suufer the consequences of the actions of the coach and officials.theres not such thing as ban the coach only and let the players play.

kikster said...

if its the ANS school that initiated the sanction, then it is okey to let the players play and replace the coach because it is the schools internal this case, it is a higher organization which is DepEd and outside the school that gave the sanction so as far as DepEd is concerned, it should be the school itself that is banned.