Saturday, November 08, 2008

I have a dream...lots of them

I HAVE a dream,” Martin Luther King Jr. once said, and decades later, Barrack Obama is proclaiming, “Change has come to America…” Are you drunk? Or is this one of those can’t-think-of-a-column days?

I have a dream, and they may not happen decades later, or never at all. But still, a dream is for everyone. OK, here we go. I’m there already!

And I have a dream…So boring, this phrase is.

That officials no longer seek posts in sports organization to further their ambitions. That’s like saying politicians should run for office for the good of the people.

That more athletes—not officials—attend Olympic Games. That’s impossible. They’d rather remove Olympians than those junketeers..

That politicians stop using sports to further their ambitions…What? No more Tulong sa Pagsulong Billiards?

That national sports associations (NSAs) finally unite…It’s not a real NSA if there’s no infighting or challenges to its legitimacy..

That Go Teng Kok stop interfering with NSAs other than track field. Tell that to chess’ and basketball’s Butch Pichay, or basketball’s and boxing’s MVP.

That those who run for POC president be really after our Olympic Dream. Then no one will be running.

That RP team members be chosen for their skills, not who they know…Everybody does that, not only NSAs..

That cheating be eradicated in the Palarong Pambansa. You can’t fight the system, and the culture.

That DepEd really shows its concern for student athletes and stop forcing teams to play three football games in a day. Mu-puti na lang ang uwak dong.

That Cebu City will sweep the high school and elementary football crowns in the Palaro. Players should undergo survival training first at boot camp.

That sportsmen, coaches, or athletes be not deluded that their successes in sports will translate to political skills. Shouldn’t you tell that to the actors and actresses first?

That we will finally win a boxing gold medal in the Olympics. You can’t do that with recycled Olympians. Can we get one with basketball folks running RP’s amateur boxing program?

That Pinoys be prevented from getting into mismatches Down Under. Until one of them drops dead, this will continue.

That Pinoy boxing commentators stop greeting their friends during their coverage. Don’t forget their being irritatingly too wordy...

That the Philippine Football Federation stage a Collegiate Champions League. Heck, they are even having a hard time organizing a Men’s Open.

That the Cesafi and VAAA help each other in organizing a football CCL. Hmmm. VAAA only has basketball, and Yayoy helping out Tiukinhoy?

That sports groups and individuals stop hiring sports writers as their PR man. Are you nuts?

That people make the sports news because they deserve it and that people who pay for their praise releases be not deluded with their “news.” You are certifiably nuts.

That the WTA will organize a beach tennis with Ana Ivanovic, Maria Sharapova, Martina Hingis, Ana Kournikova, Jelena Dokic and all the other girls slash models…They should! They must!

That people stop thinking badminton and volleyball is a gay sport. Let a dude who thinks that way stop a spike from the gayest member of the weakest team…

I will eat this PC if the Lakers lose the title this year… Where did this come from? Who are you?

That the University of San Carlos will win the Cesafi football crown this year…Go USPF!

That a team, other than UV, will win the Cesafi basketball crown next year. Short of a school pirating the best non-UV players in the league, it’s impossible.

That the F1 will hold a race for Pinoy jeepney and bus drivers. They really can’t speed up without waiting passengers and yellow traffic lights turning red.

That the Cebu City Sports Center track oval will finally get facelift. This again? Come here Crazy Lane No. 2 and whup this guy.

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