Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fair Play: The Stoic Assassin and Boom Boom

IF football was like boxing, and players get nicknames like “Butter Bean” or “Iron Mike,” Springdale’s Carlos Veloso will probably earn the moniker “The Stoic Assassin.”

He’s calm, composed, his passes rarely miss the target and in big games, he delivers.

For the second straight year, his goals handed his school the Cebu City Olympics secondary football crown.

Last year, Springdale ousted the twice-to-beat Abellana National School on a pair of 1-0 wins courtesy of the Stoic Assassin’s goals. This year, it’s the turn of Don Bosco College to fall.

Though the report says his latest triumph had a touch of controversy as DBC claimed that the ball went out of bounds, but calls like that are the easiest to make and unless the refs just wanted to add to DBC’s misery, the call was a no-brainer.

There is also one goal from Veloso that stands out above all. In my years as a player, sportswriter and even as a fan, I have never seen anything like his “pinball goal.”

During the Aboitiz U15 finals in 2007 against ANS, Veloso took a shot just outside the box and the keeper seemed poised to stop it but the ball bounced off a defender, straight to a striker’s back, and careened back past the keeper. Boom, game winner. I don’t think even David Beckham can bend it like that.

Anyway, back to the Cebu City Olympics and a rather interesting comment from Ronaldo, our resident pundit, regarding the final. (I’ve cut it short)

With less than five minutes to go, Springdale had the ball on their left sideline. A tap from DBTC sent the ball flying to the outside where it hit a spectator… The ball bounced back to the field where Springdale controlled it and attacked the DBTC goal.

Where was (referee)? He was five yards away, with an unobstructed view of the play. Where was the ANS linesman? He was just 20 meters away talking with a spectator…A Springdale parent even went up to coach Ramos and told him they also saw the ball went out of bounds. Yeah, everybody saw the ball go out of bounds, including those in the grandstand, but the referee five yards away from the play saw nothing…Nevertheless, Springdale is a worthy representative for Cebu City..

I guess, let’s just add this incident to the folder “Strange things that happen in DepEd football,” right after that referee who ran to the CR during the Cviraa.

BOOM-BOOM. Rey Bautista lost and as expected, Boom-Boom got more beating from the mob who loves to dish it at the forum. Aside from the usual insults of Boom-Boom being a bum, one said his loss “brought shame to the PI,” (Dude, just because you live in “the US” doesn’t mean you have to call our country, “the PI.” Besides, we don’t refer to our country by that name), not a few also suggested strongly that Boom-Boom retire.

Retire after his second loss? Retire and do what? Get a job that allows him to park at internet forums while he is supposed to be working?

What the mob seem to overlook is that while boxers fight for our amusement, the fighters box for a living. Telling Bautista to retire is like telling (while hiding behind an identity) a friend who screwed a report, program or a call, “Wa man kay ayo, pamaligya na lang balut sa Bohol.”

Forum threads are like the free-flowing tagay sessions though the arguments don’t disappear with next day’s hangover. Somebody’s a know-it-all asshole, some make sense, some just go with the flow, while others insert the darndest comment just to spice things up.

Bautista lost and he needs to improve, just like with any other failure in any profession, if he wants to pursue his dream. Nobody who pursues his dream, and works hard for it, is a bum.

If you want to see a bum who should retire from “boxing,” grab a mirror.


guest123 said...

Hey ERIC a.k.a RONALDO...

DB Spectators was sitting onthe touch line.The ref warned them but the ref's focus was on the game. and if DB spectators/playerswere courteous enough. The Springdale goal would not supposed to happen... LOL..big laugh for DB.... When James Mendoza controlledthe ball (yeah we all know it isout already) but the because of the DB fanssitting onthe touchline. The ball did notgo out instead the ball bounced back to Mendoza and the DB fans did not do any reactions. Then MENDOZA madea lob ball to Veloso and bOOMMM! a goaaalllll... Rightafter the goal thefans/spectators/bench andsupporters of DB went insidethe pitch claiming that itwas out already before the goal was been made.

HAHAHAHAHAHA late reactions from DB... Coach GLENN called up the ref (LUIS)and told Luis that "Personalay naman ni imo pre!" Luis replied " Walako na mirsonal pre, nganong ma mirsonal man ko nga wala man ko ka kwarta ninyo"

Then ERIC the Ronaldo was blurting his critics to the ANS ref (Sadam)..ERIC keeps on complaining and the ANS ref told him to stay back, he (Eric the Ronaldo)insisted then the ANS Linesman pointed his linesflag to him and cursed him "Kinsa man ka? Duol ron dri ron" sabay tininu-od nya gulat. So Eric the Ronaldo backs off a few yards away..You would not mess with the 6 Footer guy aren't you? hahahahha

Well! sad to say Luis the ref failed to call the OUT ball.. Who's to blame? In my own POV I think it was the DB People. I thought they were disciplined enough to play the game or just being cooperative as spectators. Ref on have two eyes. Anyway the decision was been made andits final. Springdale won and will go to the CVIRAA....ANS cannot go because of the BAN. To DB? They won't release their players because of rivalry andplus with a big "NO" from Coach Glenn....SO? the Springdale will get from USPF or ANS? yeah but ANS players are a team who's been banned..Can a few players go to Springdalefor a tag along CVIRAA? I think its a big "NO" Again.....

michaelm said...

Now it has been revealed. This "Ronaldo" has been all the while Eric Nacorda...

Mike Limpag said...

” Walako na mirsonal pre, nganong ma mirsonal man ko nga wala man ko ka kwarta ninyo”

Guest123, OK ra mamersonal basta dili lang mangwarta?

"Well! sad to say Luis the ref failed to call the OUT ball.. Who’s to blame?"....Er, si Luis?

"Now it has been revealed. This “Ronaldo” has been all the while Eric Nacorda…," and that's a revelation because...

joe said...

tagai nyo ug due process oi, ingnon nya ta umpair.
Ronaldo, ikaw ba si Eric Nacorda, taga Don Bosco, nga ang buhok (sauna) pataas taas kunohay?
Eric Nacorda, ikaw diay na si "Ronaldo" dri sa putbol furoms?

Ato huwaton iya tubag. Huwat mi ha. Sige bya ka post dri ug sa pinoysoccer. Abangan...

ronaldo said...

"the ball went out...we all know it went out....the ball did not go out because it went to...."

Cmon, make up you mind, from your point of view, did the ball went out or not ?

The ball went out because of the DB spectators ? Right, it was the DB spectators who tapped the ball out. That is the refs explanation for their ineptness. So, what's your next statement ? It was the DB spectators who made the non-call ?

Supporters from both camps were at the sidelines. A DepEd official was even ON THE FIELD taking pictures while the game was going on. Plus, many of the participants of the Muslim Community Palaro Games were on the sidelines. So that's your explanation ? DB spectators should leave but the others can stay ?

"wala ko namirsonal pre kay wala ko ka kwarta ninyo" - that says it all. basta naay kwarta then puede mamirsonal. Mura na man hinuon nga niangkon nga naka-kwarta?

Alegre pud ni ang version ninyo. If you are to be believed, the ball did not go out, the people from the sideline and grandstand including supporters of the other team did not see the ball go out, Luis did not see anything from just 5 yards away, the linesman made the right call because the ball did not go out, and DB spectators should leave the venue but the supporters of Springdale and the participants of the Muslim Palaro should be allowed to stay.

Unsay sunod ninyong depensa, mas believable ang referee nga nanikas sa City Olympics mao nang na thrown out ang City Central? Mas believable ang linesman nga na ban from DepEd competitions?

The game was being played hard by both teams. Players from both squads showed they wanted to win. Too bad the game was tainted and decided by people who - "dili mamirsonal kay wala ka kwarta".

Mao lagi dayon, nasakpan mang nanikas, ma-ngamong na lang.


butchoy1985 said...

Nganong likoyon man ang istorya? Ang isyu mao ang pag repiri ni Luis nga klaro nga gi kontrahan ang don bosco college. Adto ninyo susiha ni dandan ramos nga tournament director. siya mismo nakaita nga nigawas na ang bola apan kay referee decision man lagi diskarte toh ni luis. pagkahuman sa duwa nagistoryahanay dayon sila dandan og luis og ang mga linesman apan silang tulo ni ingon nga sulod pa daw ang bola. sakto si ronaldo. tanang tawo nakakita nga ang bola nigawas apan ang tulo ka opisyal walay nakitan. unya anha na hinuon na motuo nilang luis og sadam? wala mo kuyapi?

ang don bosco wala nangayo nga usbon ang duwa. dili kini isyu between db og springdale apan isyo kini sa officiating nga nahitabo. ang nindot kaayo nga duwa gi guba sa mga opisyal. department of education man unta ang organizer apan ilaha ra pung mga tawo ang nag guba sa duwa.

butchoy said...

osbon lang nako ang akong pangutana. ngano man ang nindot kaayo nga duwa gubon man nilang Luis og ni saddam. unya wala magkadimao ang ilang mga explanation. sulod kino ang bola unya nigawas kuno apan kay wala makaita c saddam maong gi play on.

oi guest 123 michaelm og joe. kung gusto mo makaila ni ronaldo, pangutana diretso si eric og siya ba si ronaldo. cge ra bitaw na siya og tanaw sa dula.

ceburoo said...

hahaha What goes around comes around

ceburoo said...

hahaha some things never change What goes around comes around Congrats to Springdale for your courage and never give up attitude