Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Transfer

The organizers of the Cebu Interclub Invitational Tournament decided to transfer the venue to the finals to San Roque because the USC field--add a cow and a plank--looked more like a rice paddy than a football field.

Despite the sudden transfer, the club didn't have any problems--owing to its strong logistical support.  Also during the semifinals, things were done more smoothly.  No more istambays in the teams' benches.

Also, in the U15 finals, two (was it three) parent/doctors were able to help the injured Abellana striker, while the Eruf ambulance, though a bit late, arrived to ferry the poor boy to the hospital.  Ricky Dakay said they will shoulder the expenses.

Early results: U12 final, Springdale beats Canduman, 1-0 U15: ANS beats Springdale, 2-0 and queen city wins women's crown, 1-0


ronaldo said...

the cebufootball season has officially started, so it's time for predictions.

1. Men's Open - again a toss-up between InterCebu and Pinoysoccer. InterCebu has been together for several years already and are expected to ounce back after the Inter-Club loss. Pinoysoccer's performance will depend on them keeping their key reinforcements, whose original teams may want them back to play in the Aboitiz Cup. Pinoysoccer still lacks a regular midfielder. that will be their achilles heel.

2. U19 (born 1990) - CFA will most likely form a selection if there will be a nationals for this age-group. cebufootball is very deep in this division. just look at the lineup of the USC college varsity and players from Springdale, Abellana and Don Bosco who are qualified for this age-group.

3. U17 (born 1992) - if it's a solid team (for City Olympics), Abellana would be my choice, based on their performance in the Inter-Club. Springdale (with USP reinforcements) would do well too, and will challenge ANS for the crown in this age-group.

4. U16 (born 1993) - the Don Bosco squad will continue to dominate this age-group. they aren't two time national champions for nothing. plus, their reinforcements from the POF U15 champion squad has blended well with them and can be called up again for a national title run.

5. P14 (born 1994-1995) - again Don Bosco. their 1995 born players just won the 2008 elementary Palarong Pambansa title and the born 1994 players from the 2006 palaro champs are still qualified for this age-group.

6. P12 (born 1996) - either Springdale or Canduman will break the Don Bosco dominance in this age group. both Mario Ceniza-coached/trained teams are due to break out this year.

kikster said...

how about 1991 ronaldo?

ronaldo said...

kikster, born 1991 will compete in the U19 although they are still qualified for the City Olympics, CVIRAA and Palaro for as long as they are still in high school (cutoff is 1991 for this year). most of those born 1991 graduated high school this year. i heard there will be an U18 (born 1991) privately funded national tournament but nothing is definite yet. red ribbon is supposedly coming back but for a higher age-group (U19 ?). no news yet whether coke-go-for-goal is coming back for U16. POF will supposedly handle the U15 only, and will no longer include the U17.