Monday, May 26, 2008

Sykes football

The SYKES 2008 Involve Football Tournament opened up with a BANG! The opening ceremony was graced by the presence of Cebu Football Association President Richard Montayre, who, thanked the players for their support in promoting the sport in the country and encourage them to join the upcoming CebuFA tournaments.

Despite a yearlong hiatus, each team displayed the true meaning of "For the love of the game." Team RED and Team GREEN were both scoreless in 10 minutes into game 1. Mark Limpag had the first scoring opportunity for Team GREEN via penalty but Sherwin Ngujo was quick enough to deflect the kick and the followup. Romuel Balintag (MVP, 2006 Tournament) scored two goals for Team RED near the end of the first half. Team GREEN pushed for goals on the second half, attacking from both wings and the middle, prompting Balintag to help the defense. Team GREEN's efforts finally paid off when Juvelon Soria sneaked past Team RED's defense and found the back of the net. The game ended 2-1 in favor of Team RED.

Team BLACK dumped CSI (7-2) in game 2 bagging their first win for the tournament. Vince Rendon scored 2 goals and David De Madrazo added one more to seal their lead early in the first half. Kathrina Bejec scored 2 goals after getting a through pass from Dori Jay Bontilao. Juvelon Soria scored a header for Team WHITE from a corner kick well into the second half. Dori Jay Bontilao scored 2 goals after a beautiful set-up from her Dial teammates. Kristian Perez managed to sneak in a counter attack and shot below the bar, scoring the second goal for Team WHITE just before the end of the game.

Composed of mostly new players, Team LIGHT BLUE started strong this year, surprising the audience with a good display of defense. S/G Allan Daclan together with Brian Villafuerte and Eleazar Montemayor led the attacks against Team DARK BLUE but they could not break the Rabaya-Canama-Lavadia defense. Team DARK BLUE had numberous chances including a well-timed header from Sherwin Arnade but goalkeeper John Obed Enojardo was always alert and did not allow a chance of scoring a goal. A foul by Team LIGHT BLUE changed their fate, allowing Adriane Canama to score the first goal for Team DARK BLUE from the penalty spot. Jay Perasol scored the second goal on a breakaway and Julius Besana shot the third past the goalie off an assist from Canama. Game 3 ended with Team DARK BLUE blanking Team LIGHT BLUE (3-0).

* A goal by female player is equivalent to 2 goals.


kikster said...

It's always welcome news to hear new football tournaments organized by newcomer-to-the sport entities like European Chamber and now Sykes--and even those by Don Bosco. Never mind the accusations of bias, just learn from it and be more vigilant. You cannot make everybody happy. If non-Bosconian staffed teams still continue joining your tournaments, it means you still have the trust of other teams and players.

We havent heard anything yet from our new CebuFA. Are there Aboitiz or PFF tournaments in the works? I mean the full-sided tournaments (that really matter) for age groups and mens? Perhaps Sir Mike is in the know?

Mike Limpag said...

Kikster, I have been knighted yet, that is to the best that I can recall, so drop the sir. hehehe. And nope, I haven't heard anyting, nada, zero, zilch, regarding the coming CebuFa tournaments.