Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Reading between the lines of Sports Reports

Check the first report regarding the Charlie Cojuangco Cup. (Yep that failed charlie by Charlie)

"Organizers, led by former 4th district Representative Carlos O. Cojuangco, held a press conference before Monday's CPU-USLS match at the Panaad media center, together with visiting Spanish coach Maur Rozen, match commissioner Leo Dayot and referees inspector Dennis Estaniel."

Nothing about the press conference?  Usually, when things like this occur, it usually means that during the press conference, nothing substantial was said about the event.  Reporters usually say (What the hell am I going to write) if they attend a football press conference that turns into a critique about why the Philippines should adopt the Federal system.

"He added that both UAAP titlist Far Eastern University and NCAA reigning champion San Beda College were also invited but failed to beat the deadline for confirmation, while reigning Nopsscea champion West Negros College was also invited but had to forego participation in favor of its stint in the National Prisaa meet in Zamboanga City where they were the defending champion."

Booho, failed to beat the deadline? Or did they not bother to respond to the invitation.  Imagine that, the reigning Bacolod collegiate champion decided to forego the competition in favor of the Prisaa.  Hello?  The Prisaa was over a month ago!

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