Friday, May 16, 2008

Lack of practice pays off for

Courtesy of Sun.Star Cebu (again) by UP Mass Comm Intern Eva Marie Gamboa

THE Don Bosco team didn’t think they had a big chance of winning the 8th National Inter-Club Football Tournament since compared to the other teams who practiced everyday, they only got to practice “once in a blue moon” and with three or more members absent.

The one-week tournament was so far the biggest event organized by the Cebu Football Association (CFA) and was attended by teams from outside Cebu and was graced by the presence of the Philippine national team.

During the Scoop forum with Bobby Inoferio, Don Bosco shared the challenges the squad faced.

“The players had no commitment (with the team) because some of them are working,” said Warloo Sabella, one of the team members.

The members of the team were selected from different schools and clubs, but they were able to project a certain “chemistry” on the field.

“The team is already a selection in itself,” said Br. Jose Ma. Aberastori of Don Bosco Boys Home.

Don Bosco couldn’t find enough members for their team so they selected players from the University of San Jose-Recoletos, Iligan City, Don Bosco Alumni and other clubs.

They defeated FC Inter Lapu-Lapu, 20-0, on their first game, scored 4-3 against Davao and then defeated Dipolog, 3-0.

After their Inter Club win the team will represent Cebu in the Men’s Regionals.

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