It's 3 a.m.

With the lack of tournaments in Cebu ( a weekend without football is a weekend wasted), we should be thankful for the groups, clubs and schools who organize their own football tournaments.

However, one downside of this is the common complaints of people who say the organizers swing a certain way.

Now, I generally do not pay attention to questions on referee’s bias, vis-à-vis the organizers, but saying “A tournament started by a DB affiliate is in favor of DB teams. All officials and tournament heads are biased to DB. They give high priority to DB teams and give low priority to other teams,” is quite something.

Of course, here in Cebu, you can replace the initials “DB” with Queen City, SRFC, CebuFA directors,… the previous statement.

Every referee is biased, based on which side of the fence you sit.  And as a little Ripley-believe-it-or-not, during the break between the eliminations and the semifinals of a national open, I spent a few hours enriching SMC with the referees, and they all said that “the host could have gotten a few calls their way if they just managed to treat the referees better.”

Now as to the organizer’s bias.  Did the organizer say, put the good teams in one group and put in their team in a weak group?  Did they, say in a single-knockout tournament, make the better teams face each other before the winner faces their team in the same day?

If I am wrong, do say so but as a general rule, people organize football tournaments to 1.) promote their product, 2.) support their place’s fiesta, 3.) promote their school.  But I haven’t met an organizer who put up a tournament so their team will emerge as champion.  It’s silly and counterproductive.

All this, reminds me of my football years.

Lousy organizers?  Lousy referees?  One time, after warming up, both our team and our opponents spent two hours waiting for the referee.  He arrived, alone.  Since he didn’t have any linesman, me and another opposing team’s benchwarmer had the dubious honor, of not only not suiting up for the game, but being the linesman, with only a jersey and a shirt to use as a flag.


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