Interclub notes

Paref-Springdale may have won the U12 title against MSLDF Canduman in the 8th Cebu Interclub Football Cup at San Roque, but the champion were just lucky enough to hold on to their lead.

While Ijo Clarito scored the lone goal of the match, getting past most of the Canduman defense, it was the little guys from Canduman who created most chances, attacking through that little No. 12.
Canduman got some a couple of shots late in the game, but both were cleared off by Clarito, who had scrambled to cover his out-of-placed keeper.

Just years ago, Canduman was getting battered in festivals, now they are in the finals and not to long
from now, they’d be one of the elite teams.

(Canduman starts their ritual by covering the cow droppings)

It seems, covering up cow shit and learning the game in a pitch the size of a postage stamp, and sharing it with grazing cows, has now paid up for the little Red Devils.

From Graeme, here is the note, “Mike this is the original field of the Canduman boys. You can see the length of the field. It was no more than 20 meters across and about 50 meters long. And in that area Mario had to fit in so many small fields to give the boys so many touches of the ball. That is why they were comfortable in the festivals and out of it on the big field. So now they are adapting and that is good for their future.”

The little guy, Enzo Ceniza also acquitted himself well, firing the first shot of the game, but in the later parts, he got out of position most of the time, must be all the time spent on festivals.

In the U15 finals, ANS could have won by four or more if not for some nifty saves by Joshua Cruz and poor finishing on the ANS strikers. The muddy penalty area also led to a serious injury.

In a breakaway, the ANS striker and Cruz was going for the ball, but it stopped, instead of both players hitting the ball in a 50-50, ankles clashed, resulting to a hairline fracture.
Guided by concern of their fallen comrade, players from ANS decided to drag their teammates off the field, much to the chagrin of both Mario Ceniza and Francis Ramirez, who knew better not to move an injured guy.

Ricky Dakay later told me that their club will shoulder all expenses of the injured player.

The report of the Men’s Open also left a lot to be desired, especially of that fracas involving that same person who started the Thirsty brawl a year ago.
Some people, it seems, never learn.

An intentional head butt? Then, it was a hard slap to the nape. Perhaps, this toughie should take up boxing.

Choosing to watch the U12 and U15 finals seemed the right move for me.

In the women’s finals, Queen City survived the final half onslaught of Iligan to hold on to their 1-0 win.

All in all, it was a good end to the football drought in Cebu, I just hope the CebuFA corrects some of the flaws in the way the games were conducted.
(Here are more photos from GRodriguez of the U15 finals)


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