Friday, May 09, 2008

Football coverage 101

IT’S a boring Friday morning, and I have a couple of hours to waste before the C. Lhuillier Tennis Open at Baseline, so I might as well address some issues raised in the chat box, my favorite source of amusement.

Here’s news for you folks.  I’m no longer the football reporter for Sun.Star, go figure that out.

Reporters can’t cover all games. The Inter Club had four divisions, in three venues. All played simultaneously. Do the math.

They have other beats and responsibilities, not just football.

Instead of riling against what you perceived is inadequate coverage of the football scene, why don’t you cry out against the absent coverage? Ey?

And the correct way to do it? Here’s how. (And this is also the correct way to have your “missing certificates” investigated)

Write a letter to the editor, with your full name and address, and address the issue, or better yet, call a press conference.  That way, you put a face and a name behind the accusation.  Think Cris Saavedra, Jun Lozada (minus the tears.)  Just don’t bark at the wrong tree for the sake of barking (that’s two birds in one.)

Someone from Cebu did that once, and it shook up the PFF.

Otherwise, this is all just tsismis. And I don’t do tsismis.

Else this blog will be filled about how a certain school keeps dropping its players to make them repeat another year and stay eligible.  Or how a club keeps cheating with age, or how players stay out of school and still play for Cesafi.

And this is the best, how about someone paying just to have their pictures in the papers?

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Kuya Kim said...

Your statements are leading, huh! Is there a correlation between the accuser and your statement "certain school keeps dropping its players to make them repeat another year and stay eligible"

Problem is, he cant understand. Binisay-a kuno na JeromeL. he3