Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Don Bosco question

I was going to tackle the Phil Younghusband and Joyce Ramirez “scandal” (an upgrade-your-traffice-sort-of-post), when I got the chance to read the comments in the shoutbox.

First, as to the interference, all I can say is, “Ablate Español?”

Second, as to the concern of the teams that most of the referees in the Beach Soccer Open were from Don Bosco, all I can say is:


The event was organized by the Don Bosco Alumni Football Club, where will they get their referees?  Slrap?

Referees always make a judgment call, and for each call, half the players on the field will agree with it and the other half will think the referee should be skinned alive.

Unless of course, there was blatant bias, say the water boy of Opposing team punches his fellow waterboy of Don Bosco affiliated team and the star striker (or keeper) of non-Don Bosco team gets red carded for drinking water, then we have a reason to cry foul.

Otherwise, the participants should have raised the issue, knowing the organizer is affiliated with football teams, during the coaches meeting (insert sarcastic question mark and smirk.)

Of course, we could also question why the Milo Olympics, or the Cebu City Olympics have referees who are mostly affiliated with Abellana National School.

Now back to the Phil Younghusband + Joyce Ramirez “scandal.”

There isn’t.

For me, the scandal is Ramirez’s failure to aggressively promote Younghusband and the RP team.  They were in Cebu for crying out loud.  A mall tour here, a clinic there, heck even a boodle fight involving the team and the fans would have done wonders.


ronaldo said...

The organizers of the beach soccer tournament, the Don Bosco Alumni Football Club/DBUnited, did NOT field a single team in the tournament. The other Don Bosco teams that played were DBPipol (from Don Bosco Lawaan Seminary), DBAlumni Youth (recent high school graduates) and St.John Bosco United (the DBC College team that plays in the City Olympics) had players who are not regular members of DBAFC/DBUnited.

Not one DB affiliated Mens Team was able to reach the quarterfinals. So any accusation of bias is unfounded. The 8 referees who handled the officiating also had a crash course in beach soccer rules.

Most of the complaints regarding the officiating came from players who did not understand or were ignorant of the the different and unfamiliar rules in beach soccer. Same situation also applies in the futsal tournaments we organized. It may still be football, but there are slight differences in the officiating rules.

funny thing is that most of the team coaches/managers who understood the rules admonished their players who made the complaints because they knew their players had it wrong. we could only smile and listen to them (as we usually do in the tournaments/festivals we organize). we understand that some of these complainants needed to save face or to justify an mistake or error that made them lose the game.

As i posted in, beach soccer is still in it's infancy here, and we realize that there is still a lot of room for improvement. foremost of our concerns is to identify other venues where we can play that is both accessible and relatively inexpensive for the participants.

BTW, the top Cebu based teams will represent BFAP-Cebu in the Nationals this weekend at San Carlos City. InterCebu will represent the men's and SRFC will represent the ladies. However, I was just informed that SRFC will be taking in some players of DB Ladies team.

andre said...

To Mike Limpag:
Thanks for doing a good job in your Cebu Football News reports.
We need more people like you for cebu football

To Ronaldo:
Don Bosco Dominates Football here in cebu, because for a long time Don Bosco (Labangon-DBTC, Lawaan, Boys Home) are the only teams playing "good football". since football begins at high school, even at Don Bosco schools football starts at elementary. Only Don Bosco Teams are Dominant in High School and also to mention Abellana. But in number of football players Don Bosco Schools & Almunis are leading.

Since Don Bosco Does not have a University, They do not dominate college football. but players from these universities (USC, USJR, UP, USP?)include a bosconian in their lineup.

Don Bosco Almuni are active in football. but not all of them are playing for Brad United, Don Bosco Alumni, DB College or DB Pipol of Lawaan. Other players come form Cebu Universities & Cebu Companies.

Don Bosco Holds regular tournaments to promote football. mao lang jud ni ako ma comment (this is what I have to say).

A tournament started by a DB affilate is in favor of DB teams.
all officals and tournament heads are biased to DB.
they give high proirity to DB teams and give low priority to other teams.

If they want to promote football para daghan manu-wa( so that many can enjoy the game & have more competitions)

They should be fair to all teams & all players. (para ma-malik ug duwa ang mga tao). so that there will be a lot of football players & football community in cebu will grow.
if they do not cooperate with other teams. hala kamo nalang mag duwa2x which is not good at all.

but cebu football is still very small in scale. I think cebu football leaders... like Don Bosco should lead a good example.
I could help in promoting football in cebu,if you give us a chance.

pang last.....

I've been to San Carlos City & I can see their football is different unlike in Cebu.
There is a Park there called center mall with a football field in the center. Football there is free for all, just like basketball sa pinas. There are kids playing, and there people taking free kicks with their friends and family. although It is a small town, but their football is for free & open to everyone. You can't see something like this in Cebu because football here is "school exclusive" & promoters of the sport & its leading teams are not doing a good job in promoting Cebu Football.

ronaldo said...

The football festivals that DB Alumni help organize, like the Mizuno and Thirsty Festivals attracted 150-200 teams. At the most, DB Alumni teams and DB school teams constitute 25-30 teams, most of these at P8-P10. If you have your math right, that leaves 125-175 teams from other sectors/clubs. So how did you do your math when you wrote that we prioritize DB affiliated teams.

The Inter-Corporate and the MEPZ Festival are exclusive for Call Centers and MEPZ based companies. Not one single DB Alumni team participates yet DB Alumni are the ones organizing these tournaments so that other's can play. Again, where did DB Alumni prioritize DB teams.

The Don Bosco Founder's Cup held annually invites 5-6 other schools and more than a dozen men's clubs/teams. Again, this is not an exclusive tournament for DB affiliated teams.

The Beach Soccer tournament did not have a single team from DBUnited (the organizers). Not one single DB affiliated team reached the quarterfinals. Again, how did you come up with the conclusion that the referees favored DB affiliated teams.

You don't need anyone's permission if you wish to promote the sport. Just go ahead and organize a tournament instead of making pointless and baseless complaints. If you are not capable of organizing a tournament, and if you feel that it is wrong that organizers also field teams, then don't play in these tournaments. just inform the organizers that you don't agree with the system and tell them not to invite you anymore. the organizers will surely understand and respect your principles and will refrain from inviting you again, since that is what you want. organizers shall appreciate your honesty and not bother you again with an invitation. just wait for a tournament that has no participating teams that are affiliated with the organizers. it's that simple.

ronaldo said...

You should also take note that practically all tournaments and festivals here in cebu that are privately funded and organized all have teams that are affiliated with the organizers. The CIS Invitational have CIS teams. The San Roque Festival has SRFC and SRRU teams. Denker Cup has InterCebu and InterLapuLapu teams. The InterClub has QCU teams. why didn't you criticize them too instead of focusing only on DB ?

Even the CebuFA directors are affiliated with clubs and teams. if we go by your principle, does that mean that CebuFA tournaments shall not have teams coming from DB, Springdale, QCU, InterCebu, Guissepe, CIS, SRFC and CFCIA ?

The CebuFA does not have the financial and administrative capability to meet all of the demands of the football community. that is why the clubs and teams are encouraged to organize tournaments and festivals to supplement what the CebuFA can give.

Andre, you shall have my full admiration and support if you walk your talk. Do not play (and also your team) in any Cebu tournament or festival wherein teams affiliated with the organizers are participating. at the same time, and to further justify your principles, organize a tournament or festival and do not field yourself or your team in it. if you do both of these, then you shall have my utmost respect and admiration.

I have participated in many tournaments and festivals in San Carlos City as either player, coach, manager or as a simple visitor, and the tournaments there being organized by either Sta.Rita, SCFA, or by people of Cong.Jules Ledesma also have teams participating that are affiliated with the organizers. It's the same thing with Bacolod and Barotac tournaments. you can see teams affiliated with the organizers.

andre said...

Im not talking of the beach soccer here.
Im talking about the DBTC labangon 1st futsal tournament.

they let a team enter from DB. DB Pipol, and they junk another unknown team. they even did not tell the team that they were not part of the tournament.

kung dili na unta mag pa-apil in the last minute. which both teams did, wala na jud untay gi pa apil...

a very bad move from the organizers. they let the last minute DB Pipol enter & left the Last minute unknown team to have a friendly game nalang.

we were expecting to be part of the tournament & we were the team negotiating for the last minute slot. If you could not accomodate us... we understand. but what we dont understand is that you can join in the last minute only if your a DB team.

they even did not inform us that we are not playing. dili na ta mi mag usik2x sa amo oras pag adto then wala ra diay mi kahibaw na wa diay mi labot.

I even suspect that our teams players names were the one submitted to the organizers & the DB pipol team were the ones playing in exchange for us.

andre said...

OK... now you get the idea why we are pissed off.

but to clear the storm and promote world peace here's what I have to say.

This incident is not totally the organizers fault, but also the fault of one of our team memeber, who also is a DB Pipol memeber. He was just interested in his own sake and did not care for his other teamates and his co workers.

having a big miscommunication, we went to DBTC at 8pm and we were informed that we are not part of the tourney after we watch DB Pipol play with (forgot the team name) scheduled at 7pm (before our supposed to be schedule).

The players were furious but what can we do... most of them are just visitors in DBTC. we raised the issue to the referees/organizers but most of them did not give a straight forward explaination... thats why we suspect unfairnes.

but to credit one of the referees, who sypmatize with us told us that we can have a friendly after. which non of us wanted to play in a bad mood. Then he even mentioned a inter-company 7 aside where we can join. but we declined because we were busy in work back then and it was out of plan already.

That was It and we all went to eat siomai sa tisa.

In a situation like this I think the organizers should hold a meeting with all teams involed, in this case DB Pipol, Our team and the organizers to set things straight.

what they did is they focused on Our Team as the problem, then let DB Pipol get away and have them worry free.

OK you made me look stupid in your reply ( saying I was bad in math, and I have no idea of Cebu football happenings and I should walk the walkie talkie? ) hehehe

An Upright explaination from the organizers will settle all of this.

Lets start to Play football & we will be looking forward for the Inter-Company football tournament. In which I know is started & participated by people I know.

No more pointing fingers this time.... then lets make something happen in Cebu football.... where all Footballers will appreciate :)

ronaldo said...

I'll repeat what I posted. If you don't like organizers having their own affiliated teams playing in their tournaments, then don't join the tournament. It's as simple as that. You and your teammates will never be pleased as long as that is your expectations. Again, take a close look at all the tournaments in Cebu and anywhere else - organizers-affiliated teams are playing.

Regarding your participation in the futsal tournament (what 1st Futsal tournament are you talking about? We have had over 12 futsal tournaments and the first one was back in 2002), ask yourself these - did you submit your registration and lineup in time? everybody in the cebu football community knows that DB tournaments has limited slots because we want to implement the standard game time. i know for a fact that the teams were finalized a few hours before the tournament started because more than half of the teams were undecided because the tournament was postponed for several weeks. so if DBPipol was "first-come-first-served", then deal with your shortcomings and don't point fingers on who did what wrong. if your "teammate" was the one who did wrong, as you have clearly pointed out, then go ahead and scalp him alive, and leave the organizers out of your rantings.

if you would have known and/or done all these , at a certain point of the process, you would have spoken to me BEFORE tournament day. several slots was still open in the morning and all the teams that participated knew that. If you have a new team, and you are not yet certain who to talk too, then learn and learn quickly, and again - don't blame anyone else but yourselves.

We never hesitate to accomodate teams WHEN WE CAN. during the first Futsal Pa Liga Cup, we even accomodated a last minute participant composed of media people, who forfeited all of their matches after their opening match. There wasn't a complaint coming from us because we understood the situation and it wasn't a big deal considering that it was the first time a futsal tournament was organized in cebu.

Anyway, i was hoping you would have named your team, so for the record, we will not bother sending you an invititation for future tournaments, since you feel you deserve perfection from us. We will just try and not to dissappoint you by not inviting you anymore, since based on your post, we do not meet your standards. I'll look at the team applications and try to determine what team you were in and will not insult you anymore by inviting you and your team to our tournaments and festivals. I hope this is fair enough for you.

And good luck on your search for your "perfect" tournament that you will only join. the "perfect" tournament that doesn't include an organizer-affiliated team. And by the way, next time you join any tournament and you see teams affiliated with the organizers participating - knock yourself and your teammates and the head and tell yourselves how big hypocrites and unprincipled people you are.

andre said...

ok I understand you did your best in organizing.
but what about the meeting of the concered teams.. think there was none.

dont make excuses you are not perfect because nobody is.
then why do you suddenly hate us? we are just asking for clarifications & cooperation.

andre said...

DB Pipol was also late! two teams are late.
then DB Pipol were playing our schedule.

just answer to this straight forward. way dumot

andre said...

playing for a tournament with a team affilated with it is not the problem.

the problem (1) is 2 teams violated a rule (in this case late submission/entry) then the affilated team gets to join.

the problem (2) is that the other team was not well informed of the situation by the organizers. thus ..... the visitor team assumes there's something going on that only the organizers & It's affilated teams know. because only the visitor team was confronted with the problem.

This is the concern here. just answer to this

ronaldo said...

you are not asking for a clarification. you made an accusation that the organizers favored a DB affiliated team. and you made it clear yourself that it was the fault of your own teammate.

Andre, you keep shooting yourself in the foot. you already wrote that it was your teammate's mistake, so why continue blaming the organizers ? Bottomline is this - you and your team did not submit the requirements in time. another team did. thus they were included in the tournament.

i think you were at fault, not the "teammate" you are referring to. I guess that is why you are trying to save face so that your teammates will not blame you anymore.

the questions you asked have been answered.

1.participation is first come first serve. the final list of the teams was based on who submitted the full requirements first, not on affiliation. if you did not submit, then that should be reason enough on why your team wasn't included. it's your fault - not the organizers.

2. you yourself admitted that it was the fault of your teammate (although i suspect it was really your fault). thus, blaming others for you mistake is just plain stupid. I hope your teammates read this and they will realize that you are blaming everyone else but yourself.

3. all the teams knew what was to be submitted. if you want people to believe that you were the only person who didn't knew, then good luck on that.

you now say that playing in tournaments with organizer-affiliated teams is not a problem, yet that is what you wrote in the first place. Andre, you don't seem to understand your own comments. at least be consistent. you are tripping on your own feet all over this blog.

anyway, good luck again on your participation in the tournament that has no organizer-affiliated teams. and again, when you join a tournament and you see that there are organizer-affiliated teams, congratulate yourself for being a hypocrite.

ronaldo said...

i guess that's about it. nothing else that you will post will erase the fact that you did not submit the requirements, thus your team wasn't included. this is not about team-organizer affiliation, but all about your own mistake that you are desperately trying to blame the organizers on, just to save face.

and lastly, this is not about "dumot". i am simply reminding you that tournaments like these are voluntary. if you do not like the organizers then don't join. it's as simple as that. no one is forcing you to join, and judging by your comments, nobody will miss you.

andre said...

why did you not answer my question. your saying a lot of things that does not reflect me at all.

your the one accused of being guilty anf all your doing is running in circles, saying a lot of mumbo jumbo & targeting me only, while the real topic is you

I come here straight forward.
answer your accusations. tell the whole story.

sure nobody will miss me at all. but what about your accusations?
do you have an answer to that.

I think your just very concerned of your image & reputation. that why you always change topic.

your very defensive, stating only your success stories & make me look bad.

sorry I made you look bad in the internet. but that's what I think & Its my opinion & our teamates as well.

"Bottomline is this - you and your team did not submit the requirements in time." - this is your best answer so far.
then answer this

DB Pipol was also late! two teams are late.
then DB Pipol were playing our schedule.

be consitent in your rule making. and dont be so over concerned of your image in the internet. you already accepted that you are not a perfect organizer. so that's it. you failed and your not going to give up the real story because your going to look bad.
poor you.

I was even offering peace but you are always concerned of your image.

thanks for all your comments. I think It says it all.
I will still be a football fan in heart even if I dont play anymore. you can say anything you want to me I doesnt matter a lot :)

We will just let the readers of this blog think what also they have to think about this.
last question

DB Pipol was also late! two teams are late.
then DB Pipol were playing our schedule.

andre said...

Im not saving face here. the "teammate guy" was the one in trouble. not me...... I'm not even saving face to the Cebu Football community. I think the one saving face is you :)

I'm realy sorry, maybe your football carrer matters to you a lot.
I'm sorry for this accusations. but what happended to us was unforgettable in my football life.

just say anything you want. I'm sorry the damage is done.
I will just leave you alone nalang

sorry bai. maybe this is "football" is more important to you than me

ronaldo said...

you didn't make anyone look bad here andre, just yourself. your own comment says it all. you made the mistake by not submitting the requirements. and please stop blaming your "teammate". blame yourself.

it doesn't matter that DBPipol was late in their game. they were already part of the tournament. it is the prerogative of the organizers how long time should lapse before a forfeiture is called and the right of their opponent to file a protest. you have no say in the matter because you lost your opportunity to play in the tournament because you did not submit your requirements. even if you were in the venue, you will still not be allowed to play because you are not part of the tournament. those are very simple rules. you are showing your ignorance of how tournaments are run if you believe that your mere presence should be enough for you to play in the tournament.

all your questions has been clearly answered. it doesn't really matter anymore if you understand it or refuse to accept it. the mere fact that you admitted your mistake here should be proof enough for your teammates to realize that they should be blaming you and not the organizers.

it is up to you if you want to continue to convince your teammates that you were not at fault. better yet, give your name and the name of your team and i will show you the full requirements that ALL of the teams submitted BEFORE the final deadline. again, that will show your teammates that you were the one who let them down, and is now desperately trying to save face by pointing the blame somewhere else.

this "unforgetable" event in your football life happened because of you. your teammates wouldn't be blaming you if you only submitted the requirements. just learn to accept the blame and move on. there is still a lot of football to be played in Cebu, and your teamates should go on playing despite your failures to them. no amount of finger-pointing is gonna erase your mistake.

ronaldo said...

By the way, the last teams to submit their full requirements were House of Hope, USJR Alumni and USC late in the afternoon of the opening day. Andre, that means that these three teams beat you to the deadline and not a DB-affiliated team.

andre said...

OK so your are not bothered at all.
your credibility is still intact

here's what our "DB Pipol Teammate" said about late submission
-> "It's OK if we submit late. the organizers are considerate"

here's what he said about DB Pipol Team
-> "I don't think they are joining, the don't have yet a registration fee.

here's what the organizers say before we try to submit our application.
->" Your'e already late. but don't worry we will try to fit you in the schedule. but this is not a guarantee

Here what our "DB Pipol Teammate" said
-> "were in the tournament! here's our schedule, we are going to DBTC at 8pm" - but this guy went there at 7pm and played with DB Pipol.

Then here's what the organizers say in during the day we knew we were not included in the futsal tourney.
-> "We thought you were DB Pipol" - then now we found out you were a different team.

Then here's what our "DB Pipol Teammate" said after the tournament
-> "sorry guys I played for DB Pipol it was a big mistake"

OK we understand that we were late. but this is what I want to know

What is your agreement or conversation with "DB Pipol Teammate" and you.... assured that you are the organizer?

no hard feeling and no hating this time. this makes it more difficult to settle the issue.

and for me I was just a mere player to the team. my teammates did not blame me at all. they were blaming the organizers & of course this guy -> "DB Pipol Teammate".

I want to resolve this issue for the good of football cebu ( gamay ra baya ta ) and for Don Bosco.

just answer this question staright forward:
What is your agreement or conversation with "DB Pipol Teammate" and you.... assured that you are the organizer?

andre said...

stop saying I'm the one blamed for all of these.

you should have seen our teary-eyed teammate and how he would like
“DB Pipol Teammate” to be the goal keeper & fire never-ending hard ball shots on him.

by the way why aren't you sympathetic enough. I know one of the organizer/referee did. and I have nothing to say against him.

what about you... well never mind.... your credibility is intact anyway & you have good football career.

don't make me a bad guy here. because to summarize your first reply until the last, you were just avoiding the question & allegations.

andre said...

and for your information my teammates did not care all about this.
there not going to play football anyway.

I feel sorry for them because the were very enthusiastic.

the “DB Pipol Teammate” was our contact to the Organizer and he made the big announcement we are going to play. he was the one who submit the requirements.

so I was was not the "late passer of requirements" you always said I was.

what we don't know & don't understand is what were the agreements between “DB Pipol Teammate” & the organizer.
This information would clear things out of this mystery, thus you might not be accused of bias anymore.

but from your reactions you were so shocked of my allegations that you even hated me, the team & said a lot of stuff way out of the conversation.

andre said...

If DB Pipol was already in the tournament, why did “DB Pipol Teammate” bother to let us go to DBTC?

He knew we were not included already and we don't cry If we get rejected.

But why did he say your going there?
Does this mean we were really in the tournament as promised?
Or just a big miscommunication between "DB Pipol Teammate” and the organizer?

why did he announce to all of us we are in?

defend yourself and stop saying I'm the blame guy. because in reality I am not. this issue is even months old.
can you reply without saying "andre is to blame" because It makes it difficult for the reads to judge the real issue.

andre said...

and why do say the “DB Pipol Teammate” is not at fault.
He was even scolded by a Bosconian Brother, when the incident was reported.

ronaldo said...

you obviously have a problem with your "teammate" and not with the organizers. end of story.

there was only one representative from DBPipol, and the lineup they submitted were all DB Lawaan alumni. and they submitted it 5 days before the tournament started. as a matter of fact, 5 other teams were eventually disqualified because they did not submit the requirements.

so go ahead and continue to blame your imaginary teammate for the mistake that you yourself made. for the record, there was only one DBPipol representative, who attended the coach's meeting the day before the tournament started when the braketing of teams was made. next time, when you want to join any tournament, submit the papers yourself -before the deadline. and stand up and be a man and admit your fault and stop blaming other people to save face. don't continue to be a cry-baby and blame everyone but yourself.

the sad part is that by fooling your teammates into blaming other people and making these stupid accusations, you had your team blacklisted. nobody wants a liar and a cry-baby. so i guess you need to apologize and explain to your teammates why you got them into another mess.

andre said...

we were there at the venue because we were told by “DB Pipol Teammate” we are in.

We are not forcing ourselves in the tournament.

Why bother go there 1000 KM if you weren't included at all.
We were there because we are told to go there.

Then the organizers were surprised we were there and made back plans to get rid of us.

andre said...

no need to apologize. “DB Pipol Teammate” did all the apoligizing stuff.

and why aren't you answering the question I assumed you know who
“DB Pipol Teammate” is.

"and they submitted it 5 days before"

then why are they not included in the schedule? na kabang man gani to inyo sked & they were playing 2 straight games

ronaldo said...

you know what andre, you didn't even present proof that this "teammate" actually exist. all you have been doing is make an accusation and demand an explanation. i have been obliging you because i am familar with the registration process, and the policy is - incomplete requirements, no play.

the questions you ask has been answered. you can continue posting your accusations here but your own posts runs contrary to your claims. your "imaginary teammate" (meaning you) was to blame. not the organizers. it doesn't make you look smart. it only makes you look stupid.

see you on the field.

andre said...

kami pa ni reklamo kami pa ang na blacklist.
very bad move again!

di na diay ta pwede mo reklamo. injustice!

ronaldo said...

Oh well. If you really feel ou were unjustly treated, then go to the CebuFA board and make your complaints formal. we will be very happy to show you the papers.

we are familiar with the official representatives of almost all the clubs and teams here including DBPipol. so we know who represents who. if your "teammate" (again, meaning you) told your team that they are already in then it is obvious that your "teammate" (meaning you) lied.

it would be great meeting you face to face before the Disciplinary Committee of the CebuFA (if ever it is formed to answer your complaint, assuming of course they will not laugh at it and throw it away). i would like to see you repeat your claims and trip all over yourself.

andre said...

here's the letter of appology from our teamate
( ako lng gi ommit ang names )
this is where we got our idea about the incident.

Hello All,

Sorry kaau kung wla ko nisulti sa condition nato as a team, though dli ko matawag nga part sa team kay nidula man sa pikas, tungod kay nasayangan ko sa gipalit nato nga shin guards ug socks sa Ayala, ug sa praktis nga gibuhat sa abellana. I know on my part nga sayop kaau nga nidula ko sa DBPPOL na team. Pag abot pa lng nko sa DBTC last friday kay nagsugod na ang duwa , ni adto ko ug sayo para makigsabot ug klarohon ang atong application. It came out na gi reject ang atong application, they thought mao to ang application sa DBPPOL kay DBPPOL man sad ko, which is a group of alumni from DB.

Last week friday late afternoon, hours before the game ang nka set sa sked kay ang BORDS to, based ni sa ilang gisulti nko, gi pailisan to ug DBPPOL, which is very wrong on their part, which is wrong kay on that day na ang game, ang mahitabo ato nga magisturya pa mi sa captain sa team, pro ang gi recognize sa officials kay ang DBPPOL tungod sa kay DB Alumni. Ika ingon na wla ko sayop ato kay ni confirm c *** nga dli na mka apil ang DBPPOL sa liga unta last wednesday, c Bro. **** man ang iyang gisunod niya kung unsa ang gipasulod mao ni nahitabo last friday, unya wla pud cya gasulti daun within the week nga gi reject ang team, pag last friday na, wla jud mi nag kaisturya ni Bro. **** kabahin sa rejection sa atong application, pro iya daw ipalusot ang DBPPOL. Naa c **** last wk friday ug saturday, kuyog nko.. nga ni tando ug nidawat c *** sa atong application, ug kadtong gi sulti nga sked ni *** kay sa BORDS to.

Again sorry kaau. I hope dli ni mo affect sa atong work relations dri and also dli to mka down sa interest nato sa futbol.

Ni offer sad ang DBPPOL ug friendly game nato in case ganahan ta tanan manula.