Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Cebu Interclub failure

The organizers of the Cebu Interclub gets a C in my book with how they are running the tournament.  I hope the future CebuFA tournaments under the new administration won't follow the Interclub example.

In the first day of the 38-above competition, one team was asking for the credentials of the other team, and for the heck of it, the coach of that team asked for the credential of one player of the other team because his player got questioned.

Things like these are supposed to be handled during the screening. Or did they have one?  One funny thing, one player,  whose qualifications got questioned, turned out to be qualified, he showed an SSS ID, and the birth year was indicated, 1970.  So he is qualified.  The problem was, according to one of those sitting on the table, that player also played last year, in the 38-above division.

For every game, coaches also have to fill out the players list and check their starters, almost after the game has started.  Where were the players' lineup the team submitted? Couldn't they print that out? and hand it to the coach to check his starters before the game starts?

You know, the way it was done before?

For the team standings, the one in charge in the Men's Open didn't do his job. Last I check, he was copying the standings Sun.Star printed last Friday.  Aside from the referees, nobody ever bothered to collate the results.

Much has been said about how things were done in the previous administration but to their credit, they run a better tournament.

Unlike the Interclub.

The word "incompetent" comes to mind.

As to the team benches, at least the previous board bothered to limit those who get to occupy the team's bench and tent to the players, now, you could start a fiesta with the number of hangers on sitting on the bench.

Of the new CebuFA board, majority are involved in the Inter Club, as a player, coach, organizer, team manager. If this is how future tournaments will be run in the new CebuFA board, then it is a mighty step backward.


ronaldo said...

After a long football self-afflicted drought, matters like updated team standings and who are the bench occupants will look trivial. people are focused on playing and watching the games. but yes, if the Inter Club is used as a measuring stick for the CFA, there are a lot of things that needs to be improved.

whatever happened to the 3 or 4 NSO birth certificates per player that was submitted to the previous admin ? when will they turn that over to the new board ? the players (and their parents) were required to submit it several times supposedly because an electronic file for verification was supposed to be made. so where is it now. if those birth certificates are gathering dust somewhere or has been disposed of out of spite, then the new board should (and must), ask from the teams and make their own file.

the new board already know the mistakes of the previous board. repeating those same mistakes would be inexcusable.

Kuya Kim said...

This is reason why Don Bosco Alumni, one of the strong & stable clubs in Cebu, did not join Inter Club 38 Above this year. They had very ver BAD experience last year.

Last year 2007, DB Alumni leading in 38A Div and sure to land in Finals when all of sudden QC Utd filed protest against DB player Genard Aller for over-age. Aller was not able to show proper identification to show correct age.

Montayre, the Tourn Head, decided to disqualify DB Alumni on same day they were supposed to play. DB was already in the field ready to play when organizer decided they cant play anymore.

DB Alumni countered also a protest against QC Utd player Dondon Ramos for over-age also. Tourn Head did not entertain protest of DB Alumni which made them mad. DB think its not fair. Organizer did not investigate Dondon Ramos, QC Utd player. Where is justice in Inter Club?

Some players of DB Alumni confronted Dondon Ramos in the field, asking for his driver's license or any ID to show proof of age. Dondon said he has no license daw. Later he was seen driving his car out of the USCTC field. He did not come back to resume playing. It was later discovered Dondon was also overage. Why was DB protest not entertained? Coz it will affect QC Utd who is also organizing the Inter Club?

Feeling injustice on DB Alumni, DB players wanted to sit on the middle of field to stop games as sign of protest coz their protest was not acted upon by organizers, QC Utd.

Tension rose between two teams that day.

This is true story. You can verify this to teams, players involved.

Lesson here: Dont organize when you want to play. Dont play when you want to organize. Coz you cannot decide fair. Of course you will always protect interest of your team/club.

Just like dont drive when you drink. Dont drink when you drive. Good thing MikeL you dont drive, or else you cant drink no more. hikhik

Kuya Kim
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