Thursday, May 15, 2008

Beat that Brazilian: and the Azkals

A colleague of mine informed me that the company (or was it franchise) involved with Havianias is holding a "free kick" tournament this Saturday at IT park.  They are reportedly planning to bring in a Brazilian keeper, and if you can beat the keeper, you get a reward.

I told my colleague to tell the organizer to put up a wide screen and show the RP team's final match against Bhutan, which will be aired live this Saturday on Solar Sports.

I just hope they take up and listen to the offer.

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Aimil said...

Hi Mike,
I am one of the partners of A.L Amizade Marketing, the company that distributes Havaianas in central Visayas. Thank you for your post about our FREE KICK event. Too bad we did not receive your suggestion sooner, it would have been great to show support for our national team as well. Hope to see you at the I.T Park tomorrow. The weather is perfect so there are many things to celebrate too! Cheers, aimil