Saturday, May 17, 2008


PFF president Mari Martinez isn't happy with the name and has ordered the PFF marketing director to look for a new name.  Martinez further reasons and out and tells Jack Biantan that he hasn't read anything about "Azkals" in the papers.

Ok, so we have a president who doesn't like the name, does that mean we will have a new name as every four years? That Martinez haven't read anything about Azkals in the papers shows that our president isn't truly aware of football in the whole country, perhaps he only bothers to read the newspaper space which the PFF has managed to buy.

A lot of discussion went with that name, which was adopted as early as 2005, during the SEA Games, where was Martinez then? Musing about the failed Prama Cup?

Judging with how the PFF will handle this, I don't give a barnyard dung whatever new name they come up for the Philippine national team, not even if they managed to plaster it in the national papers, (newspace for sale). One thing for sure.

Azkals stay.

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Ayuk said...

He doesnt like the word Azkal coz its noisy and can "bite" him. He prefers "PRAMA". He is very much identified with that word.