Monday, May 19, 2008

Azkals stay

I'll jump the gun.

PFF president Mari Martinez has abandoned his plan to change the moniker Azkals, but upon reading the story of how the team got its name, he said, "That guy again!" when he got to the bottom part.

To quote Alain at, "And from what I've heard, Martinez is still fuming about the April fools joke."

Coach Norman won't be back at the team, tired as he is with all the interference.  The PFF will finally put its own website, (I'm curious what news will be in that site.)  For a change, the Pinoys will travel to England to train with the Fil-Brits and as to the brouhaha about Phil Younghusband's failed signing with the LA Galaxy, well with David Beckham getting the lion share of the payroll, someone else is bound to get the ant's share--no, the parasite of the ant's share--of the payroll. 287 dollars a week to play football?

And oh, the community share the same idea with the PFF president with regards to a certain bald guy, at least, when no one else is listening.  The words used were, "He's very difficult to deal with."

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MikeH said...

Hmm so theyre still sending the team to England? I thought they were going to send the team there only if the team qualified for the main event in India.

And the LA Galaxy story, it confirms what Chad Goulds dad told me, but i didnt think it was that little! He was right when he said peanuts.

Kayla Hernandez said...

i heard that David Beckham is also suffering from OCD.:.-