Saturday, May 10, 2008

The All-Star snub

Browsing through my favorite website——I learned about the controversy surrounding the Cebu All-Stars selection.

Though I’ve read a few posts from the chat box about how the Cebu All-Stars were DB or All-Stars, I didn’t pay much attention.

I mean, it’s an All-Star lineup, and like all All-Star teams, they do not represent the best, what they represent is who the coach (or whoever chooses the lineup) thinks are the best.

I was surprised with a few names that got included in the All-Star lineup,  but then again, I was also surprised with how the team performed.

Glenn Ramos coached the team, and if he had the major role in choosing the players, he may have made his choice based on his experience as a coach, player and observer.  Players he trust who can deliver, players he know can give a little bit more were on the team.  So it isn’t a surprise that a few members of the team are former players he coached.

Put in another head coach, and we would have a different lineup.

I don’t think the Cebu All-Stars are a collection of the best footballers in Cebu, but I think they represented Cebu football quite well in that match.

And also, Glen, (or anyone else who chose the All-Stars) may have avoided players who think too highly of themselves, players who think because they put on a pair of spikes, they should be on the national team.

Nothing is more deadly in a game involving a national team and a local selection than a member of that local selection who thinks he is better than the national team.

As to the reported snub, here is what I think of it…..(please see previous paragraph).


ronaldo said...

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There were several other factors that the CFA and coach ramos considered when they choosed who could play against the NT.

first was that this was an exibition game, a tune-up match at the most. the match was arranged so that the local fans get to see the NT, and so that the NT coaching staff can assess the match fitness of the players.

The CFA and glen also had one other concern in mind, that the cebu players choosen will play clean and not cause an injury in an exibition match. when i saw the original list of nominees, i saw names belonging to those that had a history of rough and dirty tactics. thus, i wasn't surprised when they were'nt able to play. CFA and glen knew better than to risk the NT team players to injury in, again, an exibition game.

many of those who played were on the original list. the CFA, majority of whom are coaches and managers (fortunately), also recognizes the authority of any coach to select the final list of players. with the list of nominees as a guide, glen picked the cebu team who could serve best the purpose of the exibition match - players who play relatively clean and understands his plays. not players who think they are better, not players who demand that they be picked or else they will critize everyone in all the online football forums they can post in.

QCU organized the tournament and spent for the exibition match. thus, i don't find anything wrong for them to arrange a pick-up game between themselves and the NT. you don't see other clubs and schools complaining why they weren't part of the football clinic held in lapu-lapu. people knew the hectic and short schedule of the team, thus it wasn't a big deal for them. only the ill-informed would'nt understand.

in the future, we may have for ourselves a regular CFA players pool who practices and plays regulary. by that time, we can easily form a well prepared selection for matches such as these. there will be other NT visits, there will be other opportunities.

MikeH said...

Just a quick question. Who are those players who have history of playing dirty? Or if you cant say names, which teams do they represent?