Saturday, April 26, 2008

Palaro update

The high school team has just defeated Davao, 2-1, to advance to the finals against West Visayas.  Barring any hitches from the officials, this could be an interesting final.

The elementary squad will play NCR again in the final, a team they beat 4-1, in their early meeting. Cebu City got to the final after the Pampanga squad failed to show up.


kikster said...

Congratulations Central Visayas (Cebu City-Don Bosco) Elementary Team and Coach J. Bono for winning the Gold in the Palaro twice in a row already. Along with the good showing of the Secondary Team, Cebu City is certainly becoming a new football power in the country.

ronaldo said...

it's actually 2 championships in 3 years for the elementary Don Bosco-led teams. DBTC-CVIRAA won in 2006 at Naga City, finished silver in 2007 gold again at Palawan 2008.

counting the 2007 POF U15 title, that's a grand slam of national titles for DBTC-led teams. back to back to back. we can now say that we are fast catching up with Iloilo.

and the good thing is - the players of these champion squads still has 4-5 years left to play in the age-group competitions.

BTW, many in the audience agreed that the officiating during the secondary finals was biased for WV. anyway, lets just hope to finish one rung higher next year.

kikster said...

youre right ronaldo, Naga was 2 years ago na pala.