Thursday, April 10, 2008

The new CebuFA committee heads

Here are the different heads for the CebuFa committees:

Richard Montayre for the Coaches Committee; Eleazer Toledo for Tournaments, Manfred Schuwerk for the Referees, Rafi Musni for Youth, Tony Moraza for Legal, Adonis Quitoy for Sports Development (I didn't know they have one), and surprise, surprise, the lone lady in the board, Rachel Genco gets the Women's committee.

(Bro. Mari and Ricky Dakay didn't get any committee?)

Here are a few unsolicited advice for the new heads:

For Richard: To hold AFC, not just PFF, seminars for coaches. To get them to respect simple rules like the deadline.  Coaches love to bawl, question, scream and raise hell just because they want to, it would be nice if they would get to acknowledge deadlines.

For Elying: More tournaments, and the festivals don't count.

For Manfred: Discipline the referees, impose a merit system,  or for starters, tell referees, not to coach a team, when they are WEARING a referee's uniform during festivals.

For Rafi Musni: To acknowledge that outstanding youth players don't necessarily have to belong to certain schools or clubs.

For Rachel Genco (Well, a radical idea, you could have declined the women's committee, and say, "Are we following the gender division here?)  The secret to Davao's success in the women's national tournament was they fielded the team in the second division of their men's league (yes, this could have also resulted to some of their players developing a certain "Cebu-team-that-must-be-named-trait" of punching their foes), but they were successful. But then again, judging from the lineup of the national team, we could just send our players to all football festivals in Manila, hope they get discovered for a shampoo commercial and viola, an RP team member)

The criticisms for the previous CebuFA admin was directed at one person only, probably because nobody knew who headed what committee.

Now, we know.

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ronaldo said...

Bro.Mari as GenSec and Ricky Dakay as Treasurer are automatic members of ALL committees along with Richard.

Sports Development (the term used should have been Development of the Sport) or Evolution of the Game is patterned after a FIFA committee and administers the various versions of the game. Presently, FIFA only recognizes Futsal and Beach Soccer as accepted "true" evolutions of the game, in reference to the pitch on which the game is played (hardcourt and sand). Small sided games (5, 7, 9 a side) doesn't count.