Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Department of Education "killers"

IF they can't kill you with their schedule, it seems the Department of Education's Palarong Pambansa is ready with another hired gun, "the officials."

Region 7 coach Mario Ceniza was peeved when during a commotion, one of his defender, who was in the other side of the field got a yellow card.  His stress levels blew when during another commotion, that same player, who was again not involved, got another yellow card.

Afterwards, when Ceniza wanted to file a protest, not against the opposing team but against the official, he was told by the tournament manager, "we have the best referees in the Philippines."

And of course, this tournament manager that has the best referees in the Philippines, got a bit of luck that Mimaropa failed to advance to the championship round. If the team was to do so and win it all, they would have played--thanks to the brilliance of the tournament manager who has the best referees in the country--six games in the final two days.

Davao, which lost to Cebu yesterday, had it easy, they only played four games in the last two days.


DopOd said...

Phil Olympic Festival, organized by the Phil Olympic Committee, has a much better format because they follow certain international standards set by their sport federations.

Example of this is not to allow more than one full-game (11 a side) to be played in one day to enable the players to recover in-between games. This is very important, it concerns the health of the players.

In FIFA tournaments (senior squad, 11-a-side, 90min game), teams are given at least a day's rest in-between games. Then how much more if your players are elementary and high school kids?

DepEd's usual excuse of squeezing multiple games in a day is due to "budgetary constraints". It is still not justifiable. You cannot sacrifice the health of your players.

You can always re-format your tournament, or seek additional funding or get corporate sponsors just for football alone.

kikster said...

CONGRATULATIONS to the Central Visayas (Cebu Cty--Lahug--Springdale) Secondary Football Team and Coach Mario Ceniza for winning the Silver in the Palaro. The team could have won the Gold if not for the very bad officiating. This is the best finish of a CV Secondary Team since___(?). GO CEBU, GO GO CEBU CITY

ronaldo said...

"budgetary constraints" as an excuse for the DepEd football schedule is a lot of bull. In all the Palaros and CVIRAAs I have been into, the contigents usually are already there 3-4 days before the opening ceremonies. and the football matches usually starts the day after the opening ceremony. that means there is a good 4-5 days of no competition.

so why not start the team field games 2 days before the opening ceremony ? the teams are already there and atheletes only need a day or so to get their legs together. this way, we can avoid 2-3 matches a day for a single team.

we raised this up during the 2006 Naga Palaro, and all we got as an answer was "just follow the schedule". furthermore, when several coaches expressed concern because a typhoon passed thru Naga, yet the games continued despite the danger, DepEd officials simply said "the games must finish on the day it was scheduled".

Mike Limpag said...

Forgive me for being morbid, but it took two deaths during the Koronadal Palaro for DepEd to finally realize that holding a grand parade during the hottest time of the day wasn't a good idea.