Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Charlie and Mari show

I HOPE had it wrong (or had it incomplete) when they reported that PFF president Mari Martinez will severely punish collegiate teams who will join Charlie Cojuangco’s stupid tournament next month.

Why severely punish those who got invited to the bastard ball Mr. President, why don’t you go for those who is organizing the ball?

Collegiate teams, because of the lack of tournaments in the country, would grab any chance that would have them competing against the champions of the other areas, what with the failure of the PFF, or any organization for that matter, to have a tournament that pits the best teams in the country.

Why punish them?

Why not NOFA?  Why not punish Charlie, Mari?

The Charlie and Mari show.

Charlie, pissed that he is that Bacolod—the place where the national team should be playing—got left out in hosting the meet, wants to play spoil sport, not unlike that kindergarten KSP who would go out on his way to get noticed, soiled shorts be damned.

And, Martinez shows that he can’t be bullied and shows his power—that he can twist everyone’s elbow with his threat of a “severe sanction.”

Of course, we can ask ourselves a few questions.

Why can’t these two old farts work together?  With Charlie’s money and Martinez’s “twisting powers,” they can get a major network to air the games.

Instead, we get Charlie organizing a bastard tournament, and Mari threatening those who join that tournament.

For the good of football.

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