Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Cebu City to lose CCSC; Pacquiao joins national team

Some six months from now, the Cebu City Sports Center will be no more.

With its football field resembling a beach, and its rubber oval getting as "rideable" as Hawaii's waves, the Cebu City government will embark on a 35-million program--not to upgrade the 14-year-old edifice--but to construct a 20-story parking area right in the heart of the city.

Because of the worsening traffic situation in Cebu City make the already narrow streets too narrow, with cars parking all over the place, the new Cebu City Parking Area is expected to get swamped as parking will be banned all over downtown Cebu.

As a farewell affair, before the bulldozers come, Cebu City will invite the men's senior team for a friendly game against Cebu's best and sources say WBC super featherweight champion Manny Pacquiao will be joining the friendly as part of his preparation for suiting up for the Azkals.

Since he is Manny Pacquiao, the world champion, along with three other members of the team, will get special training from the veterans of Philippine football on how to hit an opponent without the referee seeing it.

Pacquiao will do the punching, while the other members of the special team will cover and hamper the referee's vision.


kikster said...

you're kidding, right? but this is an excellent idea, the old CCSC needs to be modernized in a a new site with much bigger parking area. where will they transfer the new CCSC?

ronaldo said...

Happy April Fools Day Mike !!!

ej said...

serious? no way.. haha. i wanna see pacquiao play soccer.. wahaha.. sayanga the oval and the field in abellana.. hahayysss.. that was the only good field left here in cebu

manfred said...

CCSC will be better renamed as Trash-Can-Stadium since the field is since weeks looking like a Trash can.
Is there nobody ashamed if glass splitters, iron hooks and wood aside from paper is filling the play ground. They can obviously not avoid that the track, the grass and other things are destroyed or in bad shape but to keep it clean should be possible.
Are the organizers of the events not obliged to clean up or do they not pay enough rent so somebody could do the cleaning on behalf of them.
Look at other sports center e.g. Bohol. Can Cebu not be as clean as they are?