Sunday, March 30, 2008

Good news for Cebu

Break out the champagne, pop that cork!

No, it’s not about the CebuFA elections—congratulations to the new BOD by the way—it’s what outgoing president Jonathan Maximo announced just before the votes were tallied.

Cebu’s got a new football pitch, and its just a month away from being opened.  It’s 120 meters by 90 meters.

(For the record, Maxi did ask me to hold the media release until the Aboitiz Company gives the go signal.  So I did, no reporting in the papers…except this blog)

At last, the Aboitiz Company has done what most in the community has wished or dreamed it would do, put up an international-size pitch in the city.

Aside from that one pitch, which could host international games, a grandstand is in the drawing books, while a pitch for youth games is also being developed.  Also being planned is a venue for beach football.

Since security might be a problem in the area, the whole complex is fenced.

There you have it.

Since the Aboitiz Company has spent millions for the area, the cost of maintaining the upkeep of the place will be shouldered by the CebuFA and there lies the first big task of the new board.

One sad thing about the elections though, something coaches and players have been demanding to have, why were there missing voters?  There were some 40 eligible voters, (or was it 37?) but only 33 bothered to vote.  Perhaps, holding the elections wasn’t as important for these wayward members.

As to PFF president Mari Martinez, who came with Joey Villareal, he had a few things to say and of all the lot he said, these things caught my attention.

As to the grassroots development of the sport in the country, he put it simply, “We have no grassroots development program” and then went on to reveal that the Center for Football Excellence coaches were supposed to get $120 a month from the PFF.

Martinez also said once the Cebu pitch is up and running, he plans to hold an international event here and that there are talks of a Mizuno Cup for the Under21s and a senior league later this year.

Martinez said the PFF is also coordinating with Milo for a new grass roots program.

On the other hand, the parents of Filipino-British, Chad Gould were also there and aired their concern regarding the “bad press” the Fil-Foreigners are getting.

Mr. Gould said there should be no distinction between Fil-foreigners and local players as they are all Filipinos and that the Philippines should take advantage of having these Fil-foreigners on the team.

Martinez said there was no discrimination and that the distinction merely connotes the special needs of Fil-foreigners, since they have clubs and other commitments to attend to before they get to play with the national team.

While all Fil-Foreigners are welcome, Martinez said, they must join the tryouts.

It was at that point, I left.

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MikeH said...

Where is this field? I guess Chad Goulds parents are disappointed that their son isnt a part of the natonal team anymore. One tip to Chad. Start playing football, maybe you will be eligible again for the RP team in the future.