Sunday, March 16, 2008

The CebuFA elections

This year, Barili FC, along with four or six other teams, lost their right to vote for failing to hand in their registration papers during the March 15 meeting at Bright Academy.  They will still be eligible to be members of the CebuFA, but they won't get to vote.

The case of Barili FC is particularly interesting. Apparently, one got the papers for them and volunteered to hand it to the club, only to say during yesterday's meeting, that he wasn't able to give it because he had no contact with the club.

"Ngano gikuha man sad nimo" and versions of that statement were hurled at him.

Jeez. I hope that that guy (if he was nominated), or whoever he nominates, won't win in the elections.

FCIC's Manfred Schuwerk also asked for a financial report from the previous board before the elections.  This is a laudable move, but aside from the financial report, I think the previous board should answer why there was no Aboitiz tournament in 2007.  Based on a previous chat with an Aboitiz representative, there was nothing wrong in their end, they were waiting for an advice from the board when to hold the tournament.

Another thing, the CebuFA new board should point out the advantages of becoming a member or registering with the group. It seems, aside from the right to vote, there is no other difference, or distinct advantage of becoming a member.

The one club/institution is a good move, and something to be expected from an Ad Hoc committee made up of active coaches and local football personalities.

However, I wish they could have given more weight to a club's strength in numbers to reward schools like DBC, CIS, Springdale, SHS-J (Did I miss a club?) for fielding teams in almost all divisions. I wasn't present when they deliberated on the rules, but I think schools like this, whose players are the future of Cebu football, have a greater say in charting the future of the sport.

At the present set up, five 36-and above clubs have more power than the four. They could have given two votes for a club or school that fields more than six teams in CebuFA tournaments for the past two years, while those who fielded less than six gets only one.

Anyway, see you at the elections.

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