26 nominated for CebuFA board

SIX noted football coaches in Cebu and an awardee of the Sportswriters Association of Cebu lead the list of nominees for the Cebu Football Association elections on March 29 during an assembly yesterday at the Bright Academy in Banilad.
Manfred Schuwerk, this year’s recipient of the Orlacsan award from SAC, was nominated together with noted coaches Richard Montayre, Eleazar Toledo, Bro. Mari Aberastri, Glenn Ramos, Joselito Bono and Francis Ramirez.
Aside from the coaches, those who also got nominated for the elections were Adonis Quitoy, Nilo Ferraren, Rachel Genco, Ricky Dakay, Tony Moraza, Allan Nuñez, Edward Chu, Jonathan Maximo, David Sharpe, Jackie Lotzoff, Antonio Trebol, Raffy Musni, Glenn Quisido, Fr. Lamberto Paradian, Ann Albarece, Ivan Ancajas, Robert Nicart, Bert Eco and Harou Iwananga.

Meanwhile, the list of eligible schools which can vote for the elections were trimmed to 21 from 24, while the clubs were reduced to 17 from 20.
The clubs and schools who failed to have a representative and submit their registration papers during yesterday’s meeting lost their right to vote, though they will still be accepted as members.

Also yesterday, the group decided to defer the payment of the P500 registration fee on March 29.

Cebu International School’s Brian Bedford, who was nominated but declined to run, will be in charge of the election process together with University of the Visayas’ Eddie Buot and Carmel Genson.

Buot was also nominated but he also declined to run along with Neil Montesclaros, who presided the meeting yesterday.

During March 29, each of the clubs who are eligible to vote will name choose nine of the 26 nominees to be the members of the new Board of Directors of the CebuFA.

The new board members, in turn, will have a separate election for the new president, vice-president, secretary general and treasurer of the CebuFA


ronaldo said…
Based on the list of nominees, it seems that the same bloc that won the last CFA elections are well represented. From Springdale (those with children playing in the school) comes Maximo, Dakay, Genco, and Chu. From CIS are Toledo (coach), Lotzof, Sharpe, and Morraza.

San Roque is also well represented thru Toledo, Trebol, and Ancajas. Inter Cebu also has several nominees affiliated or connected with the squad, namely Manfred, Quitoy and Ramirez.

However, there is a strong group in terms of actual performance and achievements composed of Bro.Aberasturi and Fr.Paradiang (both of Don Bosco) and coaches Bono (USJR and DB), Ramos (UC and DB) and Robert Nicart (DB and DB-BoysHome). What's lacking from this bloc is a representative from DB United who opted not to submit a nominee. It's worth saying that this group, in the four years that the incumbent has been in power, has been responsible, or has been the workhorse or initiators of the following tournaments or football festivals, namely - 2003-2008 Thirsty Festival, 2006-2007 Mizuno Festival, 2002 Pa Liga 11 a side tournament, 2003 Pa Liga 11 a side tournament, 2003 Pa Liga Futsal Tournament, 2003 MEPZ Festival, 2006 Inter-Don Bosco Alumni Festival, 2007 Inter-Corporate Festival all organized in full or in partnership with sponsors by the Don Bosco United (Alumni)FC, and the 2002-2008 Don Bosco Founders Cup 11 a side tournament and Futsal Tournament for age-groups as well as mens and ladies divisions.

Add to these the back to back National Championships won with DB players forming the core of the team-the 2006 elementary Palarong Pambansa Team under Bono and the 2007 POF U15 Team under Ramos. During the term of the incumbent board, no other Cebu team won a national championship.

Of course, it's also worth mentioning the San Roque Festival of the San Roque bloc, the CIS Invitational Festival, Manfred's Denker League, and of course Montayre's Inter-Club Tournament.

I expect a final 9 with no more than 2 nominees from any particular bloc to form the CebuFA. Who will ally themselves to who - your guess is as good as mine.

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