Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Cesafi case

Before the whistle could be blown for the Cesafi semifinal games, it fizzled out.

The reason? The Cesafi commissioner's office has found that two players from UV, the No. 1 team, were ineligible to play.  Now that means UC, the last ranked team, get its spot in the semifinals.

Now there are a lot of intangibles here but here is one sure thing this whole episode shows, the Cesafi is all about basketball.

Aside from the fact that they have a separate opening ceremonies for basketball, while the rest of the other sports get bundled up under the "other events" opening ceremonies.  There is this screening.

Basketball players go under the microscope, never mind they go off under technicalities, never mind they forgot the part of being a "student" of a student athlete, never mind they'd enroll in a masters program just to exploit the "maximum playing years."  No problem there, is it?  Everything is all ironed out before the first game, or the first jump ball is ever played.

As to the others. Heck, let's just "screen" them and wait for someone to complain, the Cesafi seems to say.

What reason is there for the Cesafi to let these two "ineligible" players play four games in almost a month, only to say they are disqualified?

Just as they do in basketball, all eligibility issues should and MUST be settled before the first game is ever played.

Which raises another unpalatable question in mind.  If UV lost all its matches, and are out of the semifinals.  Would we be talking about this?


Two UV players were found to be ineligible on Dec. 7, a day before the semifinals.  The screening was conducted on Nov. 15.

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