PFF suspends NCRFA

Well. The PFF finally did it.

For bringing the PFF to an ordinary court (or words to that effect) and violating the Fifa statutes in doing such act, the PFF has suspended the NCRFA--its most vocal critic--from the association.

I wouldn't have known it if not for a little story the Manila Standard Today carried, it was so tiny but in Philippine football, you won't be hearing the last of such action.

So, interesting times we have.


inter said…
Hallo mike, this decision may cause some problems. FIFA statutes dont allow to go to court against decisions related to the football matches and similar issues but I dont believe that it is not allowed to go to the court because of criminal issues for example corruption. Interesting to see what will be the final result, What will Fifa do if the court in Philippines decide in favour of NCRFA. Will than be PFF sanctioned or punished from the court here and NCRFA from punished, PFF officials? Its a very interesting situation but its sad to see such a quarrel good for nothing. I wish that all parties sit together and do more jobs for the benefit of football here.
Doybu said…

Check your facts first before you render your opinion. NCRFA filled a case in court vs PFF on the grounds of the revocation of the corporate papers of PFF in the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). It is not a criminal case or corruption as what you mentioned.

NCRFA contend that during the 2003 PFF elections, the SEC papers of PFF were revoked by SEC for non-filling of its annual reports to SEC, thus rendering the election supposedly as null and void. During that 2003 elections, all Provincial Football Associations, including the NCRFA, participated in the election of Mr. Romualdez as President and the present 2003-2007 Board of Governors.

NCRFA, in its prayers to the court, requested that the PFF President and BOG prior to the 2003 elections should take over the reins of the PFF leadership.
inter said…
Ok, I am sure you are right. In the meantime I read that the case of NCRFA is against an organizational internal issue of PFF and so far under the legislation of the Sports organization. So its very clear that the step to the court was not in accordance with Fifa rules and has nothing to do with civil or driminal charges. Therefore NCRFA has no other joice than to give in or Philippines football, not only NCRFA will face a Fifa ban. You remember last years warning against Italy? So the conclusion can be to sit together and solve the problem inside PFF.
Doybu said…
PFF already received a directive from FIFA itself to take immediate disciplinary action on NCRFA. Failure on the part of PFF might put Phil Football in jeopardy in the international football community

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