Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A note from Manfred Schuwerk

Here's an e-mail from Manfred, published with his permission, my comments are in parenthesis

I was told from seminarians that Paul is again giving stupid comments in your website. It seems we have the same problem with him and some of our players already offered to "beat him up" when he comes to Cebu next time. (Don't take that offer, it's a waste the players' energy)

Our football-league has nothing to do with this guy and his sponsoring claims are just nonsens. He has even not a money to provide "his" teams a uniform to join the league, nor other sufficient equipment. He claims his fields but the brothers have always just 1 week in advance to ask for the use of the fields from the seminaries, the mandaue field is surely also not his field. I am trying to ignore the guy and never post in his monologic forum, he is just copying from our homepage. (He is a known thief, he also copies from my website and from pinoysoccer.com)

The teams Golasol, Xantos and any others are very welcome in the league but Paul not. Also our sponsor said that he will stop any support immediately if we give this person any position in our league.

t would maybe also good if somebody with connections to SEC let them look into the registration of CFCIA before its approved to stop them and their wrong claims.
About our league, I gave all information to Jonathan and I think that we dont have any differences about it. We are playing mens open and we hope that the system can be expanded during the next years over the whole provice of Cebu. We prepare therefore rules and regulations and procedures which could be adjusted for the use here and help in the future. Especially a proper players identifaction system will be introduced to help to control players eligibility at the pitch before the game as it is standard anywhere else.
Hopefully, you can also help us to spare some spaces for articles in your newspaper. I will update you with the results and news from every weekend and also keep you informed via sms.


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