Monday, September 17, 2007

Mizuno Cup pictures

Here are a few pictures of the Mizuno Cup courtesy of Dr. JP.

Now, before you violently react and cry out how come my (pretty face, ugly face, or whatever is appropriate) isn't here? How come pictures of our team aren't here.

Now before you do that, ask yourself this question.

Did you take pictures? (If you answer yes, proceed to next question, if you answer no, go home)

Did you send those pictures to me? (If you answer yes, then your pictures are probably here, if you answer no, THEN YOU DON'T HAVE ANY RIGHT TO COMPLAIN WHY YOUR PICTURES AREN'T HERE!!!)

I hope I have made that clear.


Guest 3124 said...

Kwak, kwak. Got the drift bai. Ha ha

Doybu said...

its no joke to upload pics. very time consuming. no joke either to stay under the heat of the sun, wait for the "right Moment" and click those cameras. kudos to all concerned.

ummzz said...

where Don Bosco shots?