Tuesday, August 21, 2007

San Roque pictures

The San Roque Cup is over, cheers to all the champion and to those who didn't make it, hope you had fun.

Here are a few photos, all from Dr. J.P.

First batch. The rest will be done on Flickr, once I know how.


evanjames said...

my pics weird.. lol

grey2 said...

haha..congrats springdale!:D

Someone said...

why is it that when there are pics published, the pics of springdale are only published in this website???why???why???

Mike Limpag said...

To someone a.k.a Romeo Toring. (junx_toring@yahoo.com) It's because the contributor is from springdale? If you want pics of bjs or another school--and as something that I have repeated a hundred times before--don't freakin shoot your mouth, get a darn camera, shoot some freakin pictures and email it to me.

That way, maybe some smart dude like you will ask then, why is it that only pics of springdale and bjs get published here?