Saturday, May 19, 2007

DBC, Schuwerk receive SAC awards

The Don Bosco College elementary football team was named the major awardee for football in the 25th Sportswriters Association of Cebu-SMC All Cebu Sports Awards last May 18 at the Casino EspaƱol de Cebu.

The DBC team received their award for winning the Palarong Pambansa title in Naga City last year.

On the other hand, German football philanthropist Manfred Schuwerk also got a citation for brining football to the under-privileged in Lapu-Lapu City and for organizing various leagues for this youth.

The guest speaker of the silver anniversary of the award giving body was also Stu Gould, the father of former RP team member Chad Gould.


ronaldo said...

Bai mike, the players, parents, coaching staff, and Salesians highly appreciate the support and the acknowlegement. Thank you very much.

The bulk of the 2006 Palaro Champions players born 1993 - De Guzman, Tan, Gealon, Tabar, Limalima, Nacorda, Caballes, Ricamora, Baclay - except for the 1994 born players who played in the 2007 Palaro (Caindec, Noel, Decena, Caballero), will represent Cebu in the PFF Regional Finals for P14 players to be held in Antique on August or September. DBC will be reinforced by three players from Sacred Heart-Jesuits (Arcenas,Tan and Ramos) and one from USC-South (Ramos)as well as three other DBC players -Abello, Ramirez and Que.

if the proposed 18-man lineup pushes thru (up from the 16-man lineup during the elims), DBC will have the luxury of picking up 2 more players. we are unsure as of yet if we can pick up players who did'nt play during the qualifying tournament or if we are limited to those from other teams who participated.

the team just came from San Carlos City and won a 7 a side tournament there for 1991 born players. the team won the championship, defeating a team composed mostly of members of their Batch 1992 Center for Football Excellence (CFE) pool. Incidentally, the 2007 Palaro Champions (Region 6 also from San Carlos City) watched the team play. we jokingly asked their coach if they wanted an exibition game between the two Palaro Champs after the championship, but they declined. too bad, Assunta and Alesandra de Rossi would have watched since they were there for the miting de avance of Congressman Jules Ledesma's party.

the team has adjusted well from the different coaching styles of Coach Babot Bono to Coach Glen Ramos, particulary the defensive formation that coach Ramos employs. being handled by two succesfull youth coaches has given the boys a deeper and wider understanding on how the game is played on a full-side. we hope to make a good showing in Antique later this year.

Again, thank you for the support.

Paul Weiler said...

what did DON BOSCO in advance to a GOOD LOCAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE in CEBU CITY????????

BROTHER Mari failed to organize a good football-coaching-association as president.

Don Bosco also could not stop Jonathan Maximo in his bad style!

Mike Limpag said...

Stop sourgraping Paul, you are just sour because you didn't get an award...boohoo..